Sunday, April 18, 2010

This little piggy...

I was in a surly mood tonight,
cleaning up the mess that appears in Brinley's room on a daily basis.

Then I spotted this scene and I couldn't help but smile.
Where else would a pig be?

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Desiree said...

He he he... too funny! I did that in Alex's room yesterday. I do love that he has two "toy tubs" and everything just gets thrown in there for easy cleanup... but yesterday I went through and organized it and disinfected it anyway... can we say nesting perhaps? LOL

Dion said...


Trisha said...


I wish I would have found something funny about cleaning up the playroom last night. I was NOT happy about it. Game pieces thrown all over the room. grrrrr.

Bea said...

ha! this is priceless. hope you're feeling better today. hugs

Katie L said...

Precious. Don't you love it when something silly makes you smile??

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