Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Zoo

It was "free day' at the zoo so we thought we would take advantage and check it out. Ben was prepared to explore with his Diego backpack and map. He actually carried it much longer than I thought he would. When we entered the large cat area, we were on a quiet path surrounded by tall bamboo when the kids were startled by this tiger statue.
They thought it was real but of course had to climb on it when they figured out it wasn't.

Here they are quietly creeping down the next path watching for tigers!

We arrived at the jaguar (one of Brinley's favorites - she has 3 Diego jaguars she plays with) just in time to watch him eat lunch.
They really enjoyed the giraffes ...

(Here they are nuzzling, couldn't resist taking this pic.)

but they were super friendly so the kids got to see them close-up. Which is actually kind of sad, because I'm not sure they've ever been free.

And after we had seen just about everything they decided to play in the leaves.

The weather was great, the kids were great -
We had a really great day : )

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I asked my family what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving...

Brinley is thankful for candy.

Ben is thankful for his cars and Mommy, Daddy & Brinley.

Bryce is thankful for his family.

I am thankful for so, so many things. Here's a few...

Things that make my life worth living: God, my family & friends, our health (our health insurance), being American & free...

and everyday things that make life easier: the internet, Dvr, color wonder markers, cell phones, and maternity pants that don't fall down as I walk : )

and things that just make me happy: hugs from my kids, pedicures, Olive Garden, walks on the beach, good books & movies, and of course chocolate

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Third Trimester

My third trimester starts today at 27 weeks. As Ben told the baby last night "don't worry, you'll be out of there soon".

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Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm sure some people think it's too early but since we'll be gone after Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas lights Saturday. It's our first year to put lights on the house so it was kinda exciting.
Love this garland I found at Michael's...I may go back and get more. Brinley said her puppy wanted to look at the lights, and it was cold so she covered him with a towel like a good little mommy ; )

Daddy working hard.
And of course the kids were a big help, haha. Maybe I'll post a picture when it's all done - we still have a few more decorations to add.

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Family Movie Night

Friday night the PTA hosted a special screening of Kung Fu Panda in the cafeteria and Ben was so excited, it was the first thing he asked when he woke up Friday morning, so we had to attend.
Here we are on our blanket...he couldn't wait to open his cheetos & take his shoes off (some of the big kids had theirs off). Brinley didn't sit still much. She found a seat she liked on the folded up cafeteria tables!

Bryce finally told me to stop taking pictures because I was ruining the movie for the people around us...oops!
The night wasn't without some drama- seems like that's our theme this week!
Poor Brinley, who has had a stomach virus and now a cold... had a huge welt on her arm when we got home (and a small one on her other arm) which freaked me out because what my sister went through a few weeks ago but thank goodness Benadryl worked it's magic.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

"Have you been good?"

This is the question I told my kids Santa would ask them and so I inquired as to what they would tell him...

Brinley said: "thank you" (we're reading 'Minding Your Manners' a lot lately so she defaulted -lol) She obviously need clarification so I asked again and she said "I don't know", probably true- it's hard to remember a whole year's worth of behavior at her age.
But when asked if she wanted presents - her answer was yes : ) and she wants a reindeer!

Ben said: "no, I was out of control (my exact words! so he does listen!) at Michael's the other day". Truth is, although he ignored me when I said to put the nutcracker "soldiers" up, he was pretty good. It was Brinley who bit the head off 2 chocolate Santas!!
So I had to ask him about presents and he said he would still be happy without presents. "Even if Brinley has some?" I asked. Yes, he would be happy for her!
I gotta get my sweet boy some presents!! And maybe a little stuffed reindeer for Brinley...

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Never a dull moment

We can't let things get too boring around here now that's everyone's better. Our routines are returning to normal- gym class, naps, school, making dinner for the first time in a couple of days....then I heard Ben scream.

Apparently he walked right into the corner of the granite counter! He wasn't playing or running, just walking through the kitchen.

I called Bryce thinking he might need a stitch or two but it wasn't so bad after we cleaned the blood up- small & a little deep. He even managed a smile for the picture...

He felt better after a butterfly bandage & some motrin because he did NOT want stitches. I wanted to hold it together so it wouldn't scar but Bryce says it will anyway so I guess he'll have a scar to match the other eye.
Then Dr. Daddy patched it up a lot prettier when he got home.

All is well again : )

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catch up

Hello, Wednesday!
I got sick then Brinley got sick so we've been out of sync a couple of days. Time to play catch up....unfortunately my pictures from the weekend aren't terribly exciting but this is what we did.
Friday night's puppet show - Goldilocks & the 3 Bears.
Sadly, I could have had cute pictures from Saturday but, mommy didn't have her camera with her!!! We were at Barnes & Noble when Clifford showed up at story time - the kids loved it.
We also went to see Madagascar Saturday afternoon since it was too cold to do anything outdoors.
Sunday we cleaned house! Pathetic, but yes I need my husband's help if I want it done in one day.
Then we took a family walk on the "country road" which is more a construction site these days. This is about the time I started to not feel well.
Bryce found some entertainment....

Ben would slide down the side of the hill yelling "help" like something was pulling him - such a jokester. It was all fun until he found a dead rat!!!
That was enough "fun" for us and we headed home. Maybe we should just take the kids to the park next time?

Ben wanted to roll the spool all the way home ...
but we couldn't let him.
We get home, I started dinner...the weekend is winding down and this is where my misery begins. I felt bad, Bryce finished dinner then I felt better and started to make Crunchy Pecan Pie Bites (like little pecan pies....yummy, if you want the recipe) but I got hot & started to feel bad again. This time I went to bed - I thought it was just some pregnancy related nausea, but it got much worse.
The sad part is the next day Brinley got really sick too : ( and my husband had to stay home from work and be doctor to us.
He was great and even finished all the dishes & laundry. He's such a better housekeeper than I am and now the pressure is on because I have to make sure it stays that way!
We are better now and unlike the last time when I was sick (almost 3 years ago and 7 months pregnant!) I did not have to go to the hospital. The boys are well, so far so we're crossing our fingers that's the end of it. I'm glad it hit before Thanksgiving...and I'm so mental, I'm wondering hmm, will this slow down my weight gain??
Probably not.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Most Unique

That was my award for the cake pops - shhh.... they've never heard of Bakerella, haha. My "prizes" were Sonic certificates & a movie. Yeah, I didn't know prizes were involved.

Next week's event?? The Bedlam Canned Food lie! Your team gets one point for each item you donate - at least it's for a good cause : )

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Fall Festival/Bedlam Bash

Last night was the Fall Festival/Bedlam Bash at Ben's school. It took me like a week to figure out the fall festival was the same event as the bedlam bash since the papers sent home from school used both terms. Then I noticed they use that word a lot around here - Bedlam bash, bedlam day, bedlam I looked it up and it was actually the nickname for the first mental hospital! So it's synonymous with madness ... yes, little kids are crazy but I was still confused. I then found out the Bedlam series refers to the athletic rivalry between OU & OSU (both in the Big 12), which I will agree is madness. Apparently this is what Oklahoma is about this time of year since they play after Thanksgiving.
Just a little info for anyone else who was also wondering. My husband is probably shaking his head in embarrassment : )
Okay, onto to the Bedlam Bash pictures... Balloon art - an older girl gave Ben her "hat" because it was messing up her hair!
Crazy hopping, dancing Brin and her "dog". By the way Tam, the balloon clown totally gave me the creeps and he touched my daughter!!!

Ben showing Brinley how to find candy in the hay. All we (Bryce & I) were thinking was that we would hate to have this "game" in our room!

Ring Toss and Ben did not want his dad to hold his twizzler (for fear he would throw it away?) so he held it in his mouth - lol.

Getting a motorcycle tattoo. This was pre-k's booth. And no, I didn't volunteer to work - yep, bad mommy.

Okay, I know there's a big black screen in front of her but you can still see her expression : ) Long live bounce houses - I need one at home!
The kids loved it all and had a blast!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cake Pops

I took my cake pops to the school this morning for the big fall festival bake off! Here's a picture while I was still decorating them last night... *West Field Wildcats*
My black edible pen was a huge disappointment so I had to rely on good ol' icing, thank goodness I had black on hand! Some were covered in yellow sparkles (sugar) or black sprinkles, others I wrote/drew on and a couple I left plain.
It was my first time to make them so I was nervous knowing they would be judged but at the end it was fun and I think they turned out pretty good (still gotta work on my dipping technique).
I had 21 in the end after a few broke, a couple of dipping mishaps, etc. This is a picture as I was trying to cover the styrofoam for presentation sake, kind of an afterthought really.

When I dropped them off all I saw were OU/OSU cakes so not sure how my school spirit cake pops will fair in the judging process...

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My poor scarecrow

My husband decided that time had expired for Mr. Scarecrow and took it upon himself to toss him inside after his run yesterday! I was shocked when I saw him and every time I passed him I told Bryce "go put my scarecrow back up!" but alas, he is still in pieces in the walkway. And since a post would not be complete without my kids...
Here's a few pics of their super bubbly bath last night.

Ben was putting bubbles on her head, this look says it all.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

My hubby finally got a day off today -yeah! So I booked us for family pictures, haha. He really used to hate that but over the years I've worn him down and he's pretty good natured now. And to my surprise even the kids were great so we got some cute shots : )
After Ben got out of school, we went to the park & Braum's so he could redeem his coupon for completing his reading log.
We just enjoyed our semi-quiet family day that seemed to fly...
I also worked on my baking project today - Bakerella's cake pops for Ben's school bake off...they are new for me so wish me luck!

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Monday, November 10, 2008


I just realized I should probably clarify something in my "Not me! Monday"'s not the food stamps that irritated me - although she was dressed nicely, I don't know her current situation. It was her insistence on getting those darn canned clams...

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