Friday, January 30, 2009

"Follow Me" cried Gossie

I found out some people read my blog that I didn't realize followed it *so glad someone cares what i say*
So...I'm adding a follower list on my sidebar, become a follower and let me know you're out there!
oh, and the post title? from a children's book, of course. I couldn't just type "follow me" because "cried Gossie" was ringing in my head so I had to let it out.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Day 4

Our driveway is still solid white (I won't bore you with more pics) but it is above freezing today so most main roads are clear - not sure why school was closed again?? But I am sure it's gonna be hard to get Ben to go back, lol. He still has a cold but is back to his old self. Brinley's fever is better but she's not herself yet:(

And for those of you neighbors finally emerged & went to work today but still no kids outside.

Now, I've got to get going on my housework because (YAY!) I have visitors coming tomorrow! My mom & sister are a little concerned about me (I think) because I've had some bad days lately...well, Lindy usually visits often - Mom was last here just before the holidays. Anyway, I'm okay... just very pregnant, but I'll take visitors for whatever reason :)

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iced In - Day 3

Warning: Audio is a must on today's post, so turn it up!!
Actually, it's going to get above freezing today & we will make a trip to get groceries...but school and gym class are cancelled so it's still an "ice day".
Sick of "snow pics?" yet?
Well, these are different because...
Finally, we have sunshine :)... and the ice is melting!

"Look what I built you mommy!"
"oh, thank you honey. It's a..snow...ridge?" lol.
She played at the snow table the whole time.

Ben tested the slide...still coated with ice.
And did some more sledding.

And I'm like the nosiest neighbor ever but I noticed the 2 families to our right, who have kids, have not left their houses in 2 days- I mean have not stepped a foot outside!! Not only have I not seen/heard them but no tracks on the driveway or sidewalk, it's completely smooth. That's just weird. And not healthy. In my opinion, of course : )

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More "snow" pics

We had to go out when Daddy got home today - first we did donuts in the truck, then some "sledding" in the driveway... Our "sled" is the kids' floatie we got last year in Corpus...

Brinley didn't really care for sledding but she's still running a temp and will tell you "I have the flu" and when she needs more Motrin : (

Ben, who is feeling well despite his cold, tried the scooter out.
And I'm happy to report he didn't have a meltdown this time!

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Iced In - day 2

This is the view from our front door - a couple of layers of snow/sleet covering the ice we got yesterday. This morning Ben looked out, got excited & said "look at the road - it's white....let's go out" and knowing we could all use some fresh air, I said "okay, go get dressed". He comes back in camo shorts and a t-shirt, lol.
"We're gonna have to bundle up" I clarify and he quickly complied, excited to go...

Brinley, however, cried because I told her she had to wear both socks & shoes! And she went to the office to do it because daddy told her the other day "if you're gonna cry, go do it in the office." haha

She decide wearing her rain boots wouldn't be so bad so we ventured out : )
They were a little disappointed there wasn't much actual snow to play with and Ben was concerned about the trampoline, so we went around back....
And, yes they tried to jump!
Then their hands & Ben's feet were getting cold & hurting so we went in.
Ben starting going berserk - crying, begging me to take his gloves off!
Sad, kinda but it's not like he had frostbite so his reaction was way over the top and I snapped a pic, haha! I think he cried a good 10 minutes or so until they warmed up :0 When I asked him this afternoon (it was snowing) if he wanted to go back out, a look of terror came across his face!
Let's hope we never get stationed in Bethesda because they may not be able to cope - lol.
Luckily I found a pizza place that would deliver, so that cheered him up :)

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The story of Brinley's birth

I have no idea what to expect this third time around because Brinley's birth was different from Ben's - this is her story...
Oh, and sorry if you don't like childbirth stories because...I'm still iced in today and have the time, haha!

My sister came to stay with me 2 weeks before my due date because we were now in Southern California and I was so worried about what I was going to due with Ben when I went into labor & also that Brinley would arrive early.

Well, poor Lindy sat around watching me be miserable for 2 weeks then on my due date, we took her to the airport and she flew back home...a few hours later, Bryce's parents arrived. We went to get Pawpaw a pillow top for the pull out sofa then went back home and ordered Olive Garden, mmmm...Olive Garden...anyway...Because Nece & Pawpaw were on Texas time - 2 hrs. ahead of us. Bryce & Pawpaw went to pick up the food, Ben & Nece went to his playroom then I felt a contraction...okay, wait and see if there's another...4:45 another uncomfortable one.

Go to potty, telltale pink on the t.p. again. Nece comes to check on me, "I'm okay" I tell her then emerge and tell her I'm having contractions. I call the Kaiser Permanente hotline and speak to a nurse. The contractions are really picking up and she wants me to call back in an hour and tell her if it's, it's worse just since I called you..."I don't think I can wait" I tell her so she says she will call the hospital for me. Okay...ouch...breathe, breathe...thanks.

I call Bryce and tell him, "do we have time to stop for a bottle of wine?" he asks. My reply "sure if you want to get drunk before your daughter gets here, go ahead". He came straight home.
By the time he got there I couldn't even speak through my contractions. Pawpaw was asking what he could do to help! Sweet but as Nece told him "there's nothing you can do. Just let them get going". I shook my head yes.

Got to the hospital, already dilated to a 5. Good, I can get my epidural now? No, the wicked nurse informs me - you have to finish your IV drip first. Bryce stays by my side, no funny positions this time...I stay in bed & nearly tore his arm off with my death grip (seriously, we were both sore afterwards).

He keeps checking to see when I can get my epidural. The nurse says she will check my progress...when she finally does I'm a 10 and wanting to push!!! Okay, wicked ya think I'm ready now??? Truly, as sweet as my first L&D nurse was - was as callous as this one was.
She tells the doc (my actual doctor was on call & baby arriving on her due date, what are the odds?) and he arrives and gives me the option to rupture my membranes then push or get my epidural first...

Sometimes I think I should have just pushed and had an "all natural" delivery but at the time I wanted a peaceful, non-torturous entrance into the world for my little girl so I asked "where is the anesthesiologist?" Outside the door, with Pawpaw...well, bring him in!

I could barely hold still for it, still having the urge to push and once again the nurse was not understanding. But I got it (at 7:15 pm - once again I remember the time) it kicked in and Pawpaw came in the room - I later found out he felt obligated and being in there was torture for him. Brinley was the only baby he had been in the room for, not even his own children! And probably never again, haha.
So, my doc "broke my water" and I pushed a few minutes...

Brinley was born at 7:33 pm on April 1st! Just 3 hours after my first contraction!

Then I got to eat my Olive Garden dinner. My recovery nurse was a doll and I even got a little sleep that night :) before I left at lunch the next day.

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The story of Ben's birth

Okay, so I'm going crazy from pregnancy insomnia - I could have sworn I heard a kid shuffling around (twice) I finally got up, but it's only the sleet!
I'm feeling a little nostalgic so I wanted to share the story of Ben....

Ben was due in August. We lived in Northern California so I didn't suffer because of the heat but still, I worked full time during my pregnancy, gained 32 pounds & had feet swollen beyond recognition. I went in for a check up on July 21st and after a physical exam my NP said "you're gonna have this baby any day". Oh! relief, because I was miserable but then Bryce gets called in to do a case and I start running around - getting gas, getting groceries, etc. I call my boss to say I'm starting my maternity leave because I wanted to rest a few days before the baby arrives...haha.

I wake up at 1 am and go potty as usual but then I stood up and felt a trickle..."oh goodness, did I just pee on myself?" I thought this pregnancy thing had hit a new low...but then i realized I couldn't control it because my water just broke!
Check again, yep pink on the t.p. So, I called the Kaiser Permanente hotline and spoke to the nurse (per my KP insurance procedure) who told me to eat something light, shower then go to the hospital - she would call ahead. Okay, well this is the real deal...
I got maybe 3 hours of sleep.
So, I turn on the light & wake Bryce. "It's time" I tell him, he scowls confused ..."my water just broke" and then a light bulb goes off and he realizes we're having a baby...soon. He's so funny - he goes into full panic mode and tells me we don't have time for a snack! "But the nurse said" I explain...I think I got a few bites of banana or something and we left.

My pants were soaked by the time we got there -eww. I had my first contraction on the way to the hospital and thought "that wasn't so bad" hahaha - oh how naive!!!

I walked the halls all night then my *wonderful* L&D nurse arrived and we went to my room for the real labor. Thank goodness for her (except her coffee breath, that made me want to vomit) because I had no one there. Bryce didn't know, it was his first so he read his books, ate breakfast and actually asked me for the. middle. of. a. contraction!!!!

Normal labor - I tried all my positions/techniques I learned about in class, haha! I was asking for my epidural at 3 centimeters but of course had to wait until 4-5 to get it and finally did at 10:15 am. Yes, I remember the time. Sweet salvation!

With me comfortable, Bryce went home to shower and tidy up. He barely made it back for me to start pushing...which I did for like an hour! During that process my epidural came unhooked so I was getting a little feeling back but I said "that's okay, leave it" because Ben was almost here. My eyes must have been closed from concentrating on pushing because Bryce said "look, look" when he was coming out.

At 2:19 pm on July 22nd Ben was born! He was 2 weeks and 1 day early!

Then, I had the best sub sandwich I've ever tasted - funny the things we remember. Like the horrible nurse we were stuck with next...I unwrapped Ben from his blanket because I wanted to see all hands, feet, fingers, toes, etc. up close. She scolded me!! and wrapped him back up! saying something about body I was an idiot. He was my baby, right? Didn't I just earn the right, with 12 hours of labor, to check him out?
Anyway, we went home the next day then my MIL arrived (as scheduled) about 2 weeks before my due date - lol.
I'll save the story of how he wouldn't breastfeed & became jaundice and how I cried over pizza for some other day...I think I'll go back to bed now.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Iced In

I'm at home with 2 sick kids :(
Poor Brinley has had fever for 2 days. Yesterday she snuggled up with daddy and watched Charlotte's Web. He lives for that - it made his day!Ben has had an upset tummy (poor thing was sick only a month ago) and as of this morning, a cough too so we've just been hanging out at home...but we're getting desperate for entertainment.
And now, we have ice!
The mist began today a little before lunch and it's only 23 degrees out.
We ventured out right after it started (thinking it wouldn't be that bad yet) because I had an OB appointment and slid just pulling out of the neighborhood. We made it to Sonic right by our house & were eating, debating on continuing our journey to my appointment when Brinley announced she had to potty. So we headed home, slid again (and watched others slide) before getting to our driveway and discovering it was so slippery we could barely make it into the garage!

Then I decided to bring the trash can up to the house (today was trash day) and for some reason I didn't want it iced shut. I fell on the sidewalk and of course there was some one driving by to witness it :0
I'm okay - but I just decided to stay home after that.

Like I said, we're a little bored (and no, laundry doesn't count) so when my neighbor came home and slid into his house while trying to pull into the garage, we had to watch out the window!

I even snuck a
Aren't you glad you don't live next to nosy me?
or that you aren't married to me - because I do not have the groceries to make a P90X approved dinner, oops!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boys Night Out

Last night Bryce & Ben went to the Extreme Monster Truck Nationals for their first boy's night out! He had his first taste of cotton candy ($5!) and didn't like the way it melted in his mouth, haha. ($5 -wasted!!)

He got to ride in Sergeant Smash!
and took an "illegal" picture beside it.

His checkered flag, that he showed me first thing this morning. And no, he's not freezing - his lips are blue from his snow cone.

And his favorite truck of the night...Ghost Rider in action.
They had a really great time and got home really late, just like a true boy's night out!
Brinley & I ?
Too much testosterone for us...we stayed in.
After she went to bed I watched my DVR'd (is that a word?) shows, folded some clothes, put some low-lights in my hair to conceal my "tiger stripes" and decided since I also cut Bryce's hair, I should just go to cosmetology school : ) lol

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Friday, January 23, 2009

One month!

My due date is officially one month away!

It has been nice this month to tell people I'm due "next month" because back in December you should have seen the wide eyed looks I got when I told people I was due in February! I'm sure they were thinking "how can you get any bigger?" haha.

We are really excited, especially for Ben & Brinley to finally meet this "baby in mommy's tummy" so it will be real for them. And fun until they realize newborns don't do much -lol.

If I had to guess I would expect to deliver sometime between 14th and 21st, since only 5% of babies are born on their due dates, and I've had one of those already : )

The checker at Wal-mart said it would be the to make a prediction???

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Playing Dirty Jobs

We took a little walk (well, they took a wagon ride) yesterday simply because it was warm enough to! ....and well, Ben lost trampoline privileges earlier at Target. Ben spotted smoke & pleaded with me to follow it across town...but he instead settled for this dirt pile.

And they dug a hole and played "Dirty Jobs" instead.

I got some strange looks for letting my kids play with a dirt pile but they had fun, no harm and no rats this time!!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Highlight of my day

I got not one, but TWO compliments from other moms at gym today telling me I look great. I haven't felt great lately (mentally or physically) so, considering they are new & don't know really boosted me!
Too bad we're switching classes because I like them already -lol.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not doing it...and more of today's thoughts

I have fabric with a pattern pinned to it all ready to cut out so I can make a new car seat cover for the baby. Just decided "nope, not gonna do it." I don't know how to make a matching "hood" cover, plus I'm just not in love with the material anyway. My motivation just went out the window...maybe I can save it for a shopping cart cover?
My poor baby, stuck with the same old car seat but at least I'm about to wash it.

Inauguration coverage has been on all day...I just want to see the actual oath. Why don't they tell you when that's gonna happen?

Last but not least...
Happy Birthday to Brookie!! I couldn't ask for a more adorable, wonderful sister in law :)

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Monday, January 19, 2009

From the Ben files...

The kids were pretending they were piglets getting milk from my tummy (they recently watched Charlotte's Web) so to prepare them for the new baby (and the breastfeeding) I asked...
"Do you know where human mommies have milk?"
Ben - "yea, in the fridge".

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From the Brinley files...

Brin (after bath) - "Mommy, my bobo doesn't talk."
Me - "It doesn't?"
Brin (bending over to show me) - " doesn't have a mouth".

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Special thanks to my husband who volunteered to take the kids off my hands so I could get some R & R...truth be told, last night with him by my side I slept better than I did the whole weekend.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of the ordinary

That sums up my weekend. My house was too quiet. These are some of the out of ordinary things I did....slept on the couch - felt too lonely in the bed, listen to music while getting ready-instead of listening for kids, didn't cook at all - still did some laundry, watched t.v. but felt weird just sitting there so I put the newborn soothing center together (aka - sweetpeace swing). I drove Bryce's truck (he & the kids took my suv) and was actually driving down the road before I realized my lights weren't on! I'm used to my automatic lights, as well as my back up sensors - scary.

Speaking of scary, had my hair highlighted (I was long overdue & thought this would make me feel good) but it didn't turn out that great so I got up the nerve to go back for a color correction...definitely out of the ordinary for me...but I'm still not happy. So I spent more time than I would have liked at the salon. It took Bryce a little while to notice my hair was different but he summed it up with "hmm...tiger stripes".

I believe I have officially moved into the miserable phase of my pregnancy because despite having the weekend to myself, I sadly still do not feel refreshed. I was even too tired to go to a movie & I normally love the movies.

My babies (all three) are home now - yay! I'm still big, tired & miserable but at least I have lots of hugs & kisses to get me through it :)

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Friday, January 16, 2009

All by myself

After work, Bryce & the kids left to visit his parents. They will be back Sunday. I've never gone more than 1 night without my kids and even then Bryce was with me - what am I gonna do all by myself ???

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Pizza Party Night

My husband will think I'm blogging about this to make him feel like the worst dad ever - not true, it's just a very mommy story of how I had to step out of my comfort zone and pass out homemade pizza party invitations to strangers...and I did it to make my little boy feel better. I'm sure other moms would have done the same :)

It started last week when Ben came home from school with info on Dads & Kids Pizza Night hosted by the dads' group at Ben's school - all meant to get dads, grandpas, father figures more involved at school. It was Thursday 6-7 p.m. Ben was excited so I told him he would have to ask his dad.

When Bryce got home Ben told him and he excitedly agreed to go...I gave him a look (knowing he's usually late on Thursdays). He didn't appreciate my warning look and immediately filled out the rsvp for him and Ben to attend Pizza Night with Dads.

As Pizza Night approaches Bryce warns him they may have to show up late - that doesn't bother Ben.

Last night I text him before 6 pm "are you on your way?"
He replies "not yet".
And I brace myself for what comes next.
Another text, a little after 6 pm "not going to make it".
Crap, I knew it! So, I wait to get my courage up to break the news to Ben.
I tell him, the tears immediately roll.

"We can go get pizza and have our own party right here" I offer. Not the same, I guess.
Knowing we all need to eat since I didn't make dinner, I ask if there's somewhere he would like to go...CiCi's Pizza he decides. And he also decides if we're having our pizza party there instead at school then we would need invitations and starts bringing me paper to make some...okay, this is good...he's feeling better, no more tears.

I get the crayons out. "Let's make this one for Brinley, one for Daddy..." I say. He keeps bringing more paper...I tell him I don't think we need that much but he corrects me "we need invitations to pass out to everyone!". Um, everyone? yep, everyone at Cici's.
"But they're already there, Ben"...."but mommy they need an invitation!"

He's excited again so we draw party hats, pizza, pasta, people with their mouths open wide, etc. until Daddy arrives and Ben shares our plan with him. It's bath time but instead we head across town to Cici's with invitations.

We park, Daddy tries to get him to leave the invitations inside the car..."No, we have to pass them out" Ben protests. Daddy gives me a look...I know.
We go in, pay, Ben immediately starts asking me who we can give the party invitations to.... and Bryce takes Brinley & heads directly to a booth, haha.

We get salad, pizza, drinks & start eating. We walk around with the invitations...Ben can't get up the nerve to approach anyone.

Bryce tries to explain it's rude to interrupt people's dinner. Not working.

I quietly explain to Bryce that we're at CiCi's, not a fine restaurant and I care more about Ben's feelings than what strangers we venture out again.

Ben walks and walks. I ask who he wants to give them to. "People like me" he responds. Oh, other kids!

"I'm going out to warm up the car" Daddy announces.

An older boy walks by, Ben holds out an invitation, the boy just walks by...Ben looks so sad. I have to help.

"How about them?" I say and approach a table with a friendly looking lady then explained he would like to give her something, which he does and she comments on it - he smiles. We go to another table with kids and it turns out it's the boy's birthday! Ben's confidence soars...we move on to another table...everyone is so gracious! Whew, what a relief!

We go to the game room a few minutes and I realize Daddy really is sitting out in the car (and he has my purse so I have no money for the games) so I announce "time to go". Brinley still has her stack of invitations and also wants to pass them out! So, we find a couple more tables to approach and again the unsuspecting strangers are soo nice.
And Pizza Party Night is saved!!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More "Cheetos"

We were doing good for awhile...
Ben was supposed to be practicing his last name with the dry erase markers. I posted yesterday's brownie recipe & went to wash my hair (we had gym class)...this is what I found. I wasn't as shocked as last time but a little amazed at the amount Ben had on him - they were everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.
Brinley was quick to point out "Ben did it", not that they got in trouble - I take partial blame.
While scrubbing them off Ben he said "this is a dirty job, mom". He's a big fan of the show "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe".
I laughed & agreed "yes, being a mommy is a dirty job".
We were a little late for gym :0

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Try this...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies!
Mmm...made them last night.

I know you're not all big & pregnant like me, you probably have very noble New Year's resolutions BUT this recipe is so easy and yummy I have to recommend it. I got it from Bakerella, who got it from Betty Crocker. Here it is...

Betty Crocker Brownie mix (with Hershey's syrup) -prepare according to box.
Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie mix - prepare according to box.

Spread brownie mix in 9x12 pan then drop equal spoonfuls of cookie dough mix on top and lightly press. Bake at 350 degrees 35-40 minutes.

You can also add chocolate frosting but I thought that was a bit too much, haha. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Points junkie

I've collected Pampers Gifts to Grow points since Ben was a baby, not so much with Brinley (Huggies fit her better) but now she uses Pampers Easy ups when she sleeps so I'm still collecting points.

I entered several codes the other day and thought I would browse the "rewards catalog" and was pleasantly surprised...

They used to have mostly toys, which we don't need - I guess that's why I haven't redeemed any points (I'm up to 273!) Now they have stuff like Gap (including Old Navy, Banana Republic) gift cards! Also Target, Macy's, Lego, L.L. Bean & Starbucks gift cards and Shutterfly books & pictures.

Today I pulled the sticker code off Brin's empty pack of Easy ups then thought well, might as well open the new package & get that one too...which then led me to open the new baby's diapers and get that sticker which point I wondered if I might have a problem-lol.

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