Friday, May 30, 2008

I need some monies

I always post stories about my son and I feel the mommy guilt for not mentioning my daughter as much but she's just now starting to communicate well. So here's a story...
She walks up to me and says "mommy, I need some monies" I said "monies? you're already asking for money?" and she smiled, shook her head and said yes then led me to her brother's piggy bank. Well, she doesn't want to use her own money so I've taught her well -lol!


When I was a kid, I loved bubblewrap. I would work on a sheet until every last bubble was popped! These days when I get a package, I save the bubblewrap because I know it will be put to good use on our next move - which is exactly 2 weeks away. The clock is ticking...maybe I will pop a couple of sheets to detress after picking up all the peanut packing my kids keep shredding!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What did you say?

While riding in the car my son announces he's getting tired because of the sleep fog on Dragon Tales. I said "oh, you fell victim to the sleep fog?" and he said "what did you say" so I repeat myself and he still asked "what did you say?" so I repeat myself yet again, slower this time thinking he didn't understand. He still asked me again and I repeated my question for the 4th time...then Brinley asked "what you say?" This time I said "nothing" and he called me out on it saying "why did you say 'nothing' mommy when you know you said something"? I told him "well, I've repeated myself four times already" and he said "what?". I said "I've repeated myself four times" and this time when he said "what?" I turned to look at him and he is just smiling and I realize he's been trying to aggravate me the whole time! I must be losing my edge falling for a little boy's antics.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The countdown begins...

We've got a house and set our move date- June 13th and that leaves me 16 days to get it all ready. So, I've got to get off the computer and start some serious packing !!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There was a concert & fireworks I wanted to go to Sunday but it was hot and I could tell no one else really wanted to go so we stayed home and hung out with family. While we were sitting outside on the porch fireflies or "lightning bugs" (is that a southern thing?) were making their appearance when Brook asked Ben if he's ever seen a lightning bug and of course he hasn't because he is usually in bed, or at least inside at that hour. So we set out to show Ben how to catch them and it was a lot of fun, especially watching Brook jump, and they were harder to catch than I remember! I felt like a kid again, even more so when my husband came out to announce it's time for us to come in. I hope Ben will always remember it, I will and I'm sure it was more fun than any old concert.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all and may God bless all who served and still serve our country.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It ain't easy being green

I'm doing well using my reusable shopping bags most of the time but what's up with the baggers? When I tell them I have my own bag, they look at my like I'm speaking another language. Some times the checkers look for a tag to scan (whether the bag bears their logo or not) after I give them my bags And on a couple of occasions, the baggers continue to use the plastic frustrating ! At wal-mart I bought a few things and had my own bag, (which translates to some checkers as "I'll bag my own stuff" and they won't even touch your bag) any, I did bag my stuff and left the milk out on purpose since it was kinda wet. He said he would bag it for me and I said no, that's okay I'll just carry it. But he couldn't help himself and felt compelled to waste plastic and bag it anyway!! Ugh! I will put all of America at fault though because if more people would use cloth bags then I wouldn't be treated like such a weirdo.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Locked out

Well, it finally happened impossibly hard to open front door was being difficult again and I must have been really frustrated (or I'm getting really strong) because this time I broke the key off in the lock. But when Dylan came with the rental agency's master key, he couldn't open the front door either and we had to go in through the garage door. Thank goodness my garage door opener worked today because it hasn't in several days. I would have been much more cranky if I weren't outa here soon : )

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol

My husband was right...David won!
and yes, he's always that funny.

American Idol

Last minute thoughts on the finale, which is starting as I type...thank goodness it will be the last night I have to see David Archuletta shake his head in disbelief as he's being complimented. Enough already!! That being said, he is talented and I expect him to win but I would be more likely to buy David Cook's cd instead.

Spider pig

It's good to start the day with a laugh, and my son is good for a laugh...
oh, and this story is dedicated to Brookie & Pawpaw.
We're all three sitting watching Sesame Street and I'm "helping" them eat their oatmeal when he says real serious "I wonder if I can walk on the ceiling like a spider pig?" LOL then sings "spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does"
Random, yes but before you think he's crazy...he got spider pig from the advertisements for the Simpson Movie back several months ago. I just thought he had forgotten.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another day at the beach

Lately we've been trying to cram it all in, spending time with friends and lots of afternoons at the beach...both of which we will miss when we move!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beach to Bay

Congratulations to my husband!! He ran the Beach to Bay relay marathon Saturday and you may be thinking...relay? then he only ran 4-5 miles and a normal participant did. Not my husband. He didn't want to take the shuttle to his hand off point so we were sitting in traffic-complete stand still on the island due to the marathon. So if he wanted to make it on time, he had to take off on foot. He ended up running a mile to get to the 2nd hand off point then he ran all the way across the bridge to the 3rd hand off point (which is where he was supposed to be), got to rest 5 minutes before his official leg began then he ran that of course for a total of about 10 miles (from the island subway all the way across NAS). So, were are very proud of him!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


For those of you who didn't know me way back...I was a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan! It was my first concert -before it got crazy when they were an opening act for Tiffany. And I saw them everytime they came to Dallas after that. We were crazy, calling Boston hotels to find them, watching their videos over and over. "Try, try it, you might like I will try" a quote from Danny I still use. I just watched them on Today - their new single is good, but Jon still has to overconcentrate on his dance steps. I always wondered why he was in the group. Jordan was my favorite, Donnie was Angelia's, Joey was Lindy's, and Jon was Kari's. No one liked Danny. I gotta admit Jordan is way too cheesy for me now but little Joey is looking good! Good pick, Lin!!
Anyway, they are coming to Dallas in October and I can't wait to get tickets! Still a NKOTB fan - no shame in being loyal.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Tell her..."

Last week, on our way out of town, we were in line at Starbucks and my mischievous son said "tell have a good day, poo poo". I said "I can't said that" and he egged me on laughing "tell her...tell her..." I said "it's not very nice" and he responded just "say you're sorry after". He must believe it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Then he started singing "..say what you need to say, say what you need to say" which cracked me up, even though I don't like that song. Still in a slow moving line, he offered a compromise..."tell her... all the gross shoppers come to life" What? Okay, harmless so I said it (strategically when her head was turned) and he enjoyed it so I was cool for a little while, even if only to him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moving on...

I think I forgot to mention that I did find a house to rent. So that's all set and I need to call the movers and and adjust my moving date, just one month to go...then after lots of packing I guess we'll be moving on again. We're sad to leave this time -we've made some good friends. Hopefully, we have great adventures ahead.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The mess is gone! When I came back home, my house was spotless, including the mess. Thanks, honey!

My B&E

B & E is breaking and entering for all of you who have not have the pleasure of watching Dane Cook "Viscous Circle". It started innocent enough last Friday with some house hunting, in which I managed to drag my sister and niece along (thanks guys!). I spoke to a lady about a furnished house for lease/purchase option with a pool and she said she might be out of town on Friday so when I called Thursday and left a message and she didn't call me back, I assumed she was gone. I have time to waste in between my appointments and decide to take a peek at it. I'm on the correct street, but can't find the house number then it turns into a turnabout then changes into another street. Well, as I'm turning, there is the correct house number in front of me. So we park and start peeking in the windows and my accomplices are dogging the house "eew, country blue and dried flowers everywhere..." etc. I'm really curious about the pool so we enter through the side (which took some prying, by the way) and go into the back yard. No pool. I'm not impressed and "they lied" I said.
Well, when we get in the car to leave it dawns on me that house is facing the other street. It's the wrong house!! No wonder they didn't have a pool! We just broke into their yard and peeped in their windows, and criticized their house!!
I wish the story ends there, but there's more. We leave fast, before some one calls the police but are laughing hysterically. We find the correct house and once again, because we don't learn from our mistakes, start peeping. We go in the back yard and I am relieved to see a pool so I know this is the house. We continue our peeping in the back windows and I see a lady sitting at the kitchen table!! yikes! I jump back around the corner but my sister still has her face up to the glass. I'm trying not to yell but say in a loud whisper "There's someone in there...there's someone in there". She doesn't hear me until she makes eye contact with the woman at the table. Which is an image she says she'll never get out of her head.
I wish I could report I was mature enough to go to the door and explain but we were too shaken up and instead got the heck out of dodge and never called or went back. We were nervous every time a police car passed us for the rest of the day.
Needless to say, we're not getting that house. I didn't like the pool anyway - LOL.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all !!

My favorite quote about motherhood:

"Making the decision to have children is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body" - Elizabeth Stone

For men:

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother"
- Theodore M. Hesburgh

"Men are what their mothers made them" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Other great quotes:

"All mothers are working mothers" -unknown

"When you are a mother, you are never alone in your thoughts. A mother has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child" - Sophia Loren

"There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it" Chinese proverb

"Being a full time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs...since the payment is pure love"
-Mildred B. Vermont

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thank you to a stranger

Some days are just harder than others. A few months ago I was in the grocery store and the kids were out of control. I was on the verge of tears when an older gentleman said to me "you women are amazing creatures". I was thinking "what?" (hopefully it didn't show on my face) and he went on to say how he admired women, mothers in particular and how they juggle it all . He told me I was doing a great job. I thanked him to be polite but then took a deep breathe and felt relief that someone (it didn't matter he was a stranger) saw the bigger picture rather than my whining children. I also felt valued and a fresh sense of power washed over me. When he saw me on another aisle my children were behaving and walking right beside me. This time I smiled but I didn't thank him enough.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This week's goal

Okay, last week I got a new windshield and finally washed my car (okay, my husband did it) even though it got rained on yesterday. This week my goal is to find a house in OK ! And I've lost count of the days, but the mess is still here. I'll probably have to pack it up when we move!

On funnier note, my son is jumping on the bed singing "ho, ho, ho jolly ole soul"

Monday, May 5, 2008

My meltdown

As hard as it is to run errands with 2 small children in tow, for some reason it is even harder when I bring my husband along. This was the case last weekend. All I asked for was some time alone to run my errand but he turned it into a family outing and I got nothing accomplished. Why? why? I only ask for a break (alone time) every once in awhile but get no understanding.
Needless to say, I never got the break I needed and eventually had a meltdown of my own, tears and all.
So I return to the store Monday-just me and the kids- to get what I need.

Friday, May 2, 2008


My son doesn't have meltdowns often, especially in public but he did yesterday. The water was out on the whole island (don't know how that happens) so we went into town and it was lunch time but then I spotted a grand opening at Bealls and thought we'll just run in here. I had something I was looking for but of course I became distracted once I walked in and it took longer than a couple of minutes. The kids found some toys so I told them I would think about it and they have to behave. Needless to say, they didn't. I really put them at a disadvantage taking them in at lunch and before naps but I still had to stand by what I said. About the third time I pull them away from the wind chimes, I declare "That's it! No toys. Let's go" and his crying began. Which is not so funny but what he started to babble was, especially if you've ever seen the stand up comedy of Dane Cook. Dane talks about crying and latching onto a phrase and repeating it over and over. Well, he explained "mommy, I'm having a bad day..." and his catch phrase was "I had bad dreams last night" and the checkout was slow moving so he just stood there babbling hysterically. I of course tried to stay calm and tell him I'm so sorry he had bad dreams but he still can't misbehave. After several minutes, he changes his phrase to "Brinley hits me all the time" and I was nervous someone would think he's being abused so I was quick to say "your LITTLE SISTER does not hit you all the time". (side note: she was amazingly calm during all this.) We finally left after an additional scene of making him relinquish the toy to the cashier and me reminding myself to take deep breathes. It's one of those situations that's much funnier in retrospect.

Day 15

For those keeping count, we are up to day 15 and now the mess even has some hangers on top so it's very much a part of our background - like a treadmill sitting in the corner that you start put clothes on. On a more positive note, I've accomplished part of my goals for the windshield has been replaced, but due to the new windshield I haven't been able to wash the poopie car. Soon, though and so you know - I put my trash out last night.

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