Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A week at Nece & Pawpaw's

We came back from Florida and although Daddy had to go back to work, we stayed in Texas a week. We just hung out, went to the dentist, and nursed a sick little Brinley.

Bowen turned 4 months old that week and I didn't have the big bear but I took pictures anyway... He's such a big boy now! It's crazy to think he'll be crawling soon.

Such a sweetie and mama's boy :p

We had a couple of picnics under the big oak tree.

Brinley made sure "big boy" got some chips also.

Ben was Pawpaw's helper - mowing, planting trees, watering plants.

We just love it there :)

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vacation - the end

On our last evening in Florida we took family pictures on the beach.
I only have a few - Paige has most of them but she will send them to me soon :)
My kids weren't too happy (especially Bowen) out in the sun so I took a few in the shade.
And this one is a classic!
The End.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation - nightlife

Back to the beach - this time at night!

Crab hunting anyone?

My kids liked it for about 1 minute, then Ben totally freaked out because little crabs are running everywhere and I'll admit it's kinda creepy when they are scuttling right by your feet.

So he hitched a ride on Daddy.

But it was also exciting trying to catch them.

And we did get a few big ones.

But of course, let them go.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation - dose...oh, who's counting?

Ready for a change of scenery?
We did get away from the beach a little. One night we went to "fun center" in Destin, which is what the kids call any amusement place - we got it from King of the Hill, lol.
The girls and their daddies. I love this one of Shelby waving...
you can't tell but they were pretty high up and not scared one bit!

This was about the only thing Ben enjoyed that night.

of course Turner did too!

Brinley dancing silly.

Then I finally figured out why my camera was taking such cruddy pictures...well, the kids had it earlier at the beach and gunked up my lense!
Problem solved.

Ben the next day at the splash park :p

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Vacation - dose 4

Are you sick of sun, sand & sea yet?
Sorry...I've got more!!!
These are just random pics.
The kids dug out a hole to play in...I'm pretty sure Luke helped, a little ;)

Miss Shelby wanted to bury Bryce in the sand over and over...can't say that I blame her!

Mr. Ben...let me tell you about him.

He got really sick right in the middle of vacation with a mystery virus that caused him to be lethargic and spike a high fever. It lasted a couple of days so he had a rough time but managed to play through it - golf, fireworks - I don't know how because when Brinley got sick the week after, she just laid around in misery with 104 temp!!

This pic of Brinley cracks me up.

Turner - all smiles as usual.

Another funny one of Brin -
she was crazy that night, must have been the day of outlet shopping, lol.

For some reason she & Shelby wanted to get their pretty dresses in the sand...

And they were even more cute all sandy!

Luke - he wasn't posing...
or was he?

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation - dose 3

I call this installment "Deadliest Catch"
My little girl :) Some early morning fishing with the dads....Brinley's first time!

Ben doesn't care much for fishing.

Evening shrimp boil...dinner outside.

Bo down below.

An evening outside wouldn't be complete without some smoke bombs.
I'm sure the neighbors loved this.

And getting the crab pots ready for a "12 hour soak" Bryce liked to tell me, lol
He's a big fan of Deadliest Catch.

Throwing them out...
But they were still empty come morning :(

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vacation - dose 2

After not updating for a week, I am finally able to share some more vacation pictures with you!
Welcome to the chill zone....
I love this one of Bowen.... just chillin' Here's Brin, freezing...at the beach!

And Bryce, also chillin'

much more to come : )

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chick Fil-A Grandpa

I was out- alone (rare yes but I had a dental appointment) and I stopped in Chick Fil-A for a drink. It was pretty empty except a couple of kids, their mom, and an old man at the counter. He was apparently waiting on french fries without salt. One of the kids was having a serious melt down and the mom was gathering her stuff to leave...we've all been there, right?

Well, this old man mutters to me "I've gotta get out of here...I can't take this".
And then says something about having 2 little kids back to back.
Are we supposed to wait until one is 18 before we have another? and who does he think he's talking to?

So I tell him "I have three".
"Back to back?" he asks.
"pretty much" I say.
That shut him up for a moment.
So I ask "do you have kids?" knowing his kids would be grown by now of course.
He responds "I have grandkids, and they don't act like that" and tells me how life was when he was he was 3 yr old, back in the 1920's, blah, blah.

No disrespect my elders but I usually find older people especially kind and patient around my children (who oddly enough I was really wishing I had with me, haha) not so judgemental.
He was clearly a man who has never taken care of children, his own or his grandkids....which I'm assuming he sees at Christmas, lol.

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Bowen turns 4 months old today!

And I'm a bad mommy - I can't get a bear picture because we're in Texas ...not that I would be able to upload it (or the other cute pictures I took today) because mt craptop is living up to it's name.
But here's what he's up to...
He still loves to eat, keeping me "occupied" often.
He stays awake for hours, sleeps all night most of the time.
He's very social - loves to "talk" and laugh, it is absolutely adorable!
He loves to be held..alot.
He rolls over effortlessly now.
And he steals the heart of everyone he meets :)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Navarre Beach Vacation - first dose

We were lucky enough to be invited to join another (wonderful) family on vacation this year...otherwise Bryce had plans for us to trek through the U.S. in search of the best bbq.

So a big THANKS to Luke & Paige who saved us from that!!

and thought we might like to join them in Florida :)

The drive wasn't bad - we broke it into 2 days and stayed in Mississippi one night, where we had a complaint against us within 30 minutes of checking into the hotel!!!

Which really irritated Bryce (me, too) so he called the front desk and told them they can tell whomever just complained that they might just want to change rooms. Then proceeded to go out into the hallway and broadcast that "it's gonna go on all night" LOL.

C'mon, I know there were other families with small children (because I could hear them crying, too) so maybe the mystery complainer should go stay somewhere other than Holiday Inn Express in June??

Just saying...

We got to Navarre Beach Saturday afternoon and were so pleased!

It's beautiful - white sand, blue water, perfect.

I was worried about having enough room for everyone...not a problem.

The crazy, excited kiddos...

The view from the master bedroom balcony.

Not the greatest pic of Ben, but look at that water!

Luke floating with his kiddos.

It was Bowen's first time at the beach...

So daddy had to dip him in the ocean...he didn't care for it too much.

Monday we ventured to the Gulfarium.

Then lunch at Fudpuckers where the kids held an alligator :0

More pics to come...

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