Friday, October 31, 2008


My little witch & Buzz.
I wanted to get pictures before we even started out trick or treating...but they were very antsy (and not very smiley)... wonder why. The best family shot I could get

Brinley had to have a lollipop before we left the house and it lasted nearly the whole time - it was blue.

Love this one! Ben, ecstatic, making his getaway...not walking but running.

Brinley with Momo & Aunt Lindy, who ended up carrying her at the end.

Ben fixated on a pixie stick- he had never seen one before.

Brinley was the only one who would pose for me on the porch afterward. Ben ran inside to take stock of his loot.

Evaluting what they got. Ben stripped down as soon as he could - I guess vinyl doesn't let you breathe much when you're running from house to house, haha.
Ben got more than Brin of course because she was pretty slow...she couldn't walk too fast because she had that blue lollipop to lick on, ya know.

This is the ton of candy I had left because we only had 2 groups of kids come. Actually I ended up getting rid of more popcorn balls later but still - what will I do with this candy?? Our new neighborhood turned out to be seriously disappointing tonight : (
Brinley went to bed pretty easily but wanted her pumpkin right beside her bed (midnight snack?) Ben was like Hammy from that movie Over the Hedge ... so hyper-running around, talking fast.
They had a great time. And oh my, the candy!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last night was filled with some pumpkin carving! For some reason Ben is pronouncing it "pumptins" so we just decided to go with it.

Here's Brinley positioning our freehand pattern...
They were so excited and all had to have a tool to work with.

This crazy eyed pic cracks me up...she was dancing around when I took this.

Getting to the good part...


Yucky hands!

Brinley definitely did not like it so of course daddy had to chase her with a handful, haha!

Ben "planting" seeds all around the yard in hopes of having pumpkins sprout up next year.

Brinley peaking inside...

The good and the bad.

We wish ya'll a safe & happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It was below freezing here last night! Sunday it was in the 80's then we drive home to OK and it was so chilly we run inside. Yesterday morning the kids and I went to Wal-mart to get pumpkins (and groceries...and yes we went to the pumpkin patch but they were all little - at Wal mart we got big ones for $2.50!) and we were outside picking out pumpkins and it was so cold I was begging them to hurry up so we could go inside. I don't think I ever remember an October freeze - who would think living a few hours north would make such a difference?
Now I'm off to take a warm shower...

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Great weekend

Saturday we headed out for the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Tx for my nephew's 3rd birthday party. It's very kid oriented and even has an indoor waterpark! After getting settled in we headed down to the waterpark where unfortunately I had to don my swimsuit that I had brought "just in case". And since Brinley stayed mostly in the kiddie pool...I had to stay with her while all the boys went to other rides. At least I wasn't the most pregnant woman there! And I gotta say - for the record - it's not my belly that makes me self concious, it's all the other parts of me that fatten up that I want to hide...hello thighs! : 0

So after some swim time my crew was starving! and we began the birthday festivities. We opened presents then ate at Camp Critter (I think that's what it was called) a restaurant in the hotel.

Ben and Bryson always look forward to playing together and Ben was so excited he didn't even nap on the way to Texas! plus he loves hotels.

We went back to the room for cake. Here's the birthday boy, Braydon, blowing out the candles on his Spiderman cake (decorated by his dad, go Brandon!) although I think the kids had already started in on the cupcakes by now.

Spider Ben

Cupcake face - this one stained a little. Not sure if she ate it or just smeared it

Ben in the "wolf den" which is a separate room within the hotel room for the kids with bunk beds and video games. This place is all about the kids!

Bryce thought this was hilarious so he kept telling Brin to go stand by the t.v. but now I'm just wondering what the heck he was watching - a miniature speedboat crash??

Notice her still red mouth.

The kids went to bed a little later than usual and Brinley hasn't stayed in a hotel since she was a newborn AND she always sleeps alone so I wasn't sure how she would do...luckily they both fell asleep easily (after finally forcing them get into bed) and slept all night!

But Brin was up before 6 am saying "turn on the t.v." and I couldn't quiet her so we were all up. My only 2 "complaints" ( I use that lightly because we hardly paid for anything while we were there so maybe "warnings" is better) about the hotel was the over priced food, which is usual - but $8.95 for kids breakfast buffet! Come on, my kids do not eat nine dollars worth of food!! And (second warning) this buffet didn't open until 8am. We never sleep that late so I headed out to McDonalds and got breakfast. Even the Starbucks didn't open until 7am, which is late for any coffee shop, huh?
Okay, so Sunday we headed back down to swim and I didn't get any pictures of them actually swimming because I was also in the water. I thought this was neat - a giant bucket that fills with water and as it nears the top a bell starts to ring to warn you...
of this!!

It's also the reason Ben didn't want to play in the tree house - haha. He also wouldn't slide on the little slides in the baby pool, although Brinley did and he was hesitant to get into the lazy river...but see the blue/green tube below? He & Bryce went down it- go figure!

This red & yellow ride we called the toilet bowl (it starts and ends inside the building)- Bryce and his brother (the big boys) rode it, without the little boys thank goodness!

This is Ben refusing to be photgraphed as we're getting ready to leave Sunday...just a little tired & cranky.

We also had to vote, since we're both still registered in Texas, before we left the state!

And I urged all you to do the same!

We had a great time and now we are home recovering and re-energizing for Halloween and my Mom & Sis coming to visit - yeah!!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

First french braid

Brinley was having a bad hair day due to some serious static electricity so I thought a braid would contain it...her is finally long enough for a french braid! It turned out pretty good considering she's a squirmy 2 year old and her hair is so fine so it's hard to make it tight. I wish I had an "after" picture to show you just how out of control it was at the end of the day! About half of it (the front half) had wiggled it's way out. Not sure it helped her "bad hair day" after all, haha. I should probably stick to the ponytail for now.

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How they keep me laughing...

I keep a notepad handy so I can write down the crazy, sweet, funny, silly things my kids say - and they never disappoint!

"I like you big boobies, mommy"...what do I say to that?? um...thanks.
"Mmm...smells perfect" while painting her nails.
"Don't leave my friend" when dropping Ben off at school.
"I feel fuzzy" after spinning around.

"I was calling my crew" as he hangs up his toy phone after a conversation.
"I can jump high sky". Me: "you mean sky high?" Ben: "yes mommy high sky".
"Can I get in?" after he walks in on me in the bath tub...and before I can even ask for privacy or explain I'm trying to relax, he starts throwing in tub toys! Lol - like I'm gonna say "sure, hop in!"
(fyi - he doesn't leave and my bath is cut short).

"I've cleaned this room 3 times today!" when I walk through the door from the store and he's picking up toys on a day off from work, haha!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

School picture

I have to share this...Ben's school picture. It makes me smile every time I look at it (long live mommy pride!) but I was nervous about how it would turn out because you never know what kind of face you'll get from him and I didn't know if his hair would hold that didn't, but that's okay because he looks so sweet : ) And by the way, he is doing great in school. No fits, crying or stealing. He is enthusiastically learning the alphabet, including how to write letters, he can count pretty high and even do some math!

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I've been tagged...

Thanks Jennifer! *I cannot stand to waste lotion, soap, peanut butter or ketchup and use every last drop I can squeeze/shake/scoop out. I also save packages of condiments - ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, mild sauce (from Taco Bell).

*My only serious regret in life is not getting my degree.

*I love color but for some reason always want to wear a white shirt. I have to remind myself to buy & wear other colors.

*I think all newborn babies look alike - it takes me awhile to see the family resemblances.

*I have to stack my multi colored Fiestaware dishes a certain way so that no 2 colors are beside each other.

*I sometimes let my kids get "hurt" so they'll learn a lesson.

*I like the way coffee smells but can't drink it.

I sadly only have 4 blogs to tag...

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break is over...

We're back home now and have a few days to recover from our busy weekend. I have lots of pictures!
We sometimes start out at Krispy Kreme before we head out of town. I'm not sure why we give them sugar then put them in a car for a few hours?? And Bryce is still amazed that they hand you a fresh, hot doughnut when you walk in, haha. I caught Ben doing...a dance maybe?...he was kinda wiggling along the wall here while eating his doughnut. We went to the homecoming parade and the kids caught lots of candy. I know - doughnuts then candy!!
Okay, I don't know this boy but I had to get a picture because this cracked me up - He was sitting in front of this drain trying to catch candy about half went down. Why he didn't just move a few feet to another spot I don't know...

Friday night Bryce went to the homecoming game. I stayed home so I could get the kids to bed after their busy day of travel & sugar.
Saturday morning I got a call from my sister that she was in the emergency room...She had broken out in hives early Friday, which I knew about and she was taking benadryl but after going to bed Friday night, it wasn't working and she woke up at 2 am much worse & swollen.
We still headed over to the pumpkin patch....

Daddy taught Brinley to chew on straw, Ben wanted no part of it!
We fed the goats, ate hot dogs, and climbed on pumpkins for pictures.

After a hayride, we headed over to a birthday party (we were late, oops) - it had a mickey mouse theme...

I then headed up to the ER to hang out with my sister who was now on IV benadryl & steroids because shots were not working. Then we headed home for naps. My mom and I went back to the hospital later after they admitted my sis and took her some food (she finally got the okay to have something besides clear liquids) and magazines. When we walked in the room I heard her telling the doctor how she needed to be out tomorrow for the concert - lol!
Sunday the kids and I visited my mom then had a big lunch with my husband's family. My sister was released Sunday, even though the swelling wasn't all gone but she had time to shower and nap before the concert. Here's our self portrait with the camera at arm's length...and I know, I seriously needed some lipstick!

I was starting to feel self-conscious about wanting to go to the NKOTB concert because I guess some people thought it was silly but I'm so glad we went - it was fun, and a great show! (still wonder what Jon & Danny's purpose in the group And I felt better once I was there with tens of thousands of other fans my age AND I wasn't the only pregnant one there : ) My camera doesn't zoom anymore so I'll bore you with just one picture as proof I was there...
I got home at 1 am and was so exhausted as we headed out to our dental appointments the next morning. I didn't get pictures of that but you can imagine us sitting in chairs with our mouths open : 0
We then headed back to OK for a low key evening...only four days until we go back for...yes, another birthday party : )

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