Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been asked..."what are biscuits?"

Biscuits (resembling a biscuit popping out of a can) are the hip fat that pops out over the top of your jeans. Some of you have never had it but now that I'm fattening up and still wearing some of my (non maternity)really low rise jeans, I have biscuits. They can also be called muffin tops but they're not pretty.
I've debated on putting some belly pics on my blog, but didn't really know if anyone wanted to see a big fat belly. I think it's awesome but some people (hmm...Lin) think it's gross and should be kept under wraps. So maybe I'll get Bryce to take some?? And some of you can just look away - lol!

And, what is up with this extra large Jitterbug print?? I logged on today and it was this way! or is it just MY computer?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hip Mom

Pregnancy has definitely taken over - my belly is round, my "biscuits" are back (so are my boobs), I'm already feeling a waddle coming on and every time I walk I hear my hips pop! Does this make me as a Hip Mom? lol

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brinley's bed buddies

When Brin woke up from her nap, I was shocked to see how much stuff was in her bed! She usually takes her heffalumps (both of them), her "bebe" (blanket) and a book or two and sometimes she requests her "picture" (mini-magnadoodle) but this was an exceptional day - So I had to capture it. Some I put in there, per her request, and the rest she must have gotten after I left the room. There's just enough room in the middle for her to sleep.

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Playlist blooper

For those of you with speakers and who know Pat Green (Lindy)...scroll down look at the top song on my playlist.

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Last night Ben wrote his name for the first time!! He just started practicing "B" the night before and finally added the "e" and "n". I know, it's not a long name and it looks so funny and all lopsided...but it's his name and he can write it all by himself!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

10th Place- woohoo!

I'm trying to get the hang of the carpool lane at Ben's school so I can score a good position. Today I left 33 minutes before school was out. When I leave depends on when Brinley wakes up so I'm at her mercy. It takes about 4-5 mins. to get there and we didn't get a red light today so we were the 10th car in line. This is a victory because I was actually in the pick up lane and not on the side of the road!! One car bailed out at the last minute so we got to move up to the 9th position but then of course I have to sit and wait nearly 30 minutes for his release and it still takes me another 10 minutes to actually retrieve him in and leave the parking. It takes about 10-15 minutes to drop him off - so I spend about an hour (53 minutes today) taking him to school and back and I have a feeling it doesn't get any easier...
On the up side, he really is loving school!

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Potty Victory

News only a mom could appreciate...
Brinley finally did #2 in the potty today- completely unprompted!! Yeah, I hope it's a new habit.

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Not relaxing ... embarrassing!

Well, it wasn't the weekend of relaxation I had hoped for...I spent most of my time doing errands and housework but the only meal I cooked Sat. & Sun. was breakfast - unless you count making sandwiches for the picnic. The picnic was okay. I met someone nice but everyone else seemed to be part of their own little clique and I wasn't prepared for that.
So, we went out to eat twice, one of which was sooo embarrassing. Maybe I shouldn't even share this with the world - but for your entertainment, I will....
Bryce said "let's go to town (to look at houses) and have lunch" and I was starving so I stopped cleaning, threw on a ball cap and we headed out. I had just gotten a $10 gift certificate in the mail for a place in town I wanted to try so I suggested we go there. Bryce was like okay (so I was siked because he never wants to go anywhere) but "are we dressed appropriately?" We were all wearing t-shirts & shorts and I also dressed up my outfit with flip flops! I said "well, it says 'casual dining' ". Well, turns out it was not so casual - everyone looked like they had just come from church and we looked like well, I described us already. When we walked in, I knew we were out of place but then we were being asked "how many?" and seated and waited on and I didn't have the nerve to do another walk through the restaurant and leave so we stayed and ate. The food was really good and I dreaded check out because on top of looking like a homeless family, I had $10 off !!! and I had 2 to-go boxes !!! so Bryce headed out with the kids (he refused to carry the boxes out) and I paid then left and did the walk of shame all alone. I was even stopped and asked if I needed a bag for my boxes - lol- in front of everyone (in dresses) waiting to be seated.
So, please share your embarrassing story with me...

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend - woohoo!

My family is in serious need of a weekend so TGIF ! Bryce could use a break from work. The kids and I have been adjusting to our new schedule and I've personally had a hard week mentally & physically so hopefully some relaxation is in our future. Bryce invited a colleague's family over but they declined and I'm relieved (instead of insulted) after this past week. The only thing on my agenda...I've got to work up the courage to go to the RPSA picnic tomorrow where I know no one- ugh! but I know I really need to meet some people, so wish me luck.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby scare

I should start out by saying both the baby and I are fine. But we spend our morning at the hospital having a sonogram and then over to my obstetrician's office for a visit. The "scare" part started a little before 3 am when I started bleeding - very scary for any pregnant woman and I've never really experienced that so I feared the worst. It stopped (for the most part) so I decided to wait it out and call my doc in the morning instead of making a trip to the ER. Turns out I have a placenta previa - "low lying placenta" so it's not too unusual to bleed and most of the time it will correct itself and move up as the baby & uterus grow. We will keep track of the condition with sonograms and I will have to take some precautions like refraining from doing anything strenuous, and this includes lifting my children. That will be sooo hard for me!
It was a rough way for us to spend the morning. I barely got Ben to school on time but I got a couple of cute sonogram pictures to start my scrapbook with (or scrapbox since I'm very very slow to put the baby's books together) and I saw the baby's heartbeat and he/she even did a flip so that made me feel much better than I did at 3 am this morning.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The First Day

We started gym class and school today! We were late to gym because we were waiting on a dresser to be delivered but once we arrived, the kids had a blast. Then home for Ben to change and have lunch and off to school... For some reason Brinley would say "cheese" then cover her eyes so this is the best pic I could get of them together- with Brin still in her pink leotard.
For the first day parents went in for a story (The Kissing Hand - which we know well) and drop off. Ben was very comfortable and just sat down right in the middle of the circle instead of in my lap and our goodbye was painless- no tears. What a difference from last year!
Pickup was an ordeal but I think that will get smoother. He had a good day and said it was fun. He's been a little wild this afternoon without a nap but I think he'll be ready for bed tonight. I know I am - lol.

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The Olympics

I like to watch the Olympics so yesterday I finally flipped off the cartoons and checked in to see what was going on. This is what the guide said "Synchronized swimming; Equestrian; gymnastics". Okay, this did not prepare me for what I saw...a horse trotting to the middle of a small arena and I thought okay he's about to take off and jump the fences...nope, he started trotting and prancing around to music!! I don't know the official name of this event but it's basically horse dancing. Has anyone else seen this??? And, although I'm sure it's hard to train the horse, how does the human get a medal for this ?? the horse is doing all the work! The Olympic committee does away with softball and keeps horse dancing??

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was so excited this morning when I called and found out there were a few pre-k openings!!! I got ready, rushed up to the school to fill out a million forms only to turn them in and be told it's an afternoon spot. My heart sank - 12:35 to 3:05 - right in the middle of Ben (and Brinley's) nap! I spoke to the lady at administration and she told me there was a morning spot at another school so I rushed over there only to find out she was wrong. This also left me with another dilemma...Brin was registered for a morning gymnastic class so I called and of course there are no classes for her age group between 12:35 and 3:05 probably because anyone IN THEIR RIGHT MIND knows this is a bad time for young children. So I asked for suggestions on what Ben could do while Brinley and I are in her class. Well, an additional tuition later, Ben is now signed up for Kick n' gym (which is gymnastics & karate) so Brinley could stay in her class.
After talking to Bryce we decided to at least give Ben a shot at afternoon pre-k (since the chances of getting a morning are slim to none) and on top of starting school TOMORROW (yikes- gotta go get supplies) we all start gymnastics class.

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In all fairness...

Well, I brought home a few "toys" myself last weekend. I was given a bicycle, a rocker and an Easter tablecloth so I guess Bryce is the only one who came home empty handed.

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The toys...

This is just amazing to me - from one weekend (with my family visiting) to the next weekend (going home to Texas) this is some of the toys my children have been given. And I say some because Ben's planet & star set is up on his walls, Brinley left a few animals and a pot behind at Nece & Pawpaw's and Ben left an entire tool set there as well as horses they left at my mom's house! Also each caterpillar backpack has a set of toys but I only emptied out one for the picture and they got clothes & books also not pictured. Now a couple of things are late presents from Ben's birthday and a few things aren't brand new...but c'mon...they are spoiled rotten! This is why I find it sooo easy to tell my kids "no" when we pass the toy aisle at Target.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Wait listed

Okay, this week is gonna be torture and not just because it's supposed to rain all week. Ben is on the pre-k waiting list and has been for 2 months! School starts Wednesday and still no word...I don't know when a spot will open for him. So we're playing the waiting game...

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Some pictures

I've been really lazy about pictures lately, so here's a few. This is from last week when it rained... This is from Bryant's birthday - he's the little one. I couldn't get one with them all looking...or even with their eyes open, obviously-lol. It was a caterpillar party so that is antennae Ben has on his head and Brinley's still the only girl.
This is Brinley walking Lola (Nece's dog...Nece is grandma), which she's allowed to do in the house, much to Lola's dismay...

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Weekend update

It was a good one! I had Pancho's (mmm...craving it again already) with one of my best friends on Friday (love good food & friends!) and even though my trip to the Dmv was horrible, at least it's done and I'm a legal driver again. Saturday was pedicures, lunch, naps and the birthday party (kids had a blast) then home for the Cowboy's scrimmage. Sunday was a trip to mom's, lunch, naps then drive back home. The best thing I can say about that was that Bryce wasn't in the car with us! He had to wait until we were home at 8:15 to gripe at me..."you drive too fast, there's no food in the house, we're going to eat healthy this week"...blah, blah, blah. Brinley made both trips - down there and back - with no potty accidents! She still won't go #2 on the potty though. Oh, and yes there was mention of my size and twins this weekend but I knew that was coming. I also started a new book "My Best Friend's Girl" by Dorothy Koomson - has anyone read it? Well, that's my weekend in a paragraph - guess I better get to the grocery store now.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

My son, the shopper

Last night (after my last post) I go to brush my teeth and come back to find Ben on the computer. I asked him what he's doing then look and see he's navigated to and is looking at purses! "I'm buying you a purse" he tells me and clicks on it again and tells me it will ship to our house in a box. How sweet! good thing he didn't have my credit card because it was $250.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to Texas

The kids & I came back "home" today. We left early (Bryce will join us after work Friday) because I have to go to the dmv to get a new driver's license. I've lost mine somehow, somewhere...But our purpose for this trip initially was for my youngest nephew's 1st birthday party on Saturday. Really we don't need a reason to go to Texas - we just love it! Even my kids think they are day I'll have to explain the harsh reality. But for the next few days we get to enjoy home.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Not fat, just pregnant"

I'm very tempted to buy that t-shirt. I'm in my least favorite pregnancy phase right now. My waist is gone, my belly is round but not in a cute pregnant way - more like a "too big lunch" or "you're getting chunky" kinda way. Most of my regular pants/shorts don't fit but my maternity clothes look goofy. It's just awkward because you feel every bit pregnant but it's just not obvious to the world and a little hard on the self esteem. Yes, even the 3rd time around - more so because you round out rather quickly but I swear if I hear any "twins?" comments, I will scream or cry...not really...I'll just try to laugh it off. And yes every pregnancy someone (close to me) will make the comment. Never say this to a pregnant woman ... unless maybe, maybe it is known she's had fertility treatments.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To "B" or not ?


My 15 year old niece is here to stay a few days so we went to the movies last night and saw "Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2" and liked it. The first one was probably better but aren't they usually? Blake Lively (also from Gossip Girl) is in it (her nickname from her grandma is "bee", cute, huh?) and I really want to name the baby Blake if it's a girl so I'm trying to wear Bryce down on that one. At least it's a "B" name like he prefers- my 2nd choice is Aerin - which is really prob my first but I'm offering up Blake since it does start with a "B". I think it's perfectly okay to break the "B" cycle, but he thinks the baby (child) will feel left out? Any thoughts?

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Friday, August 8, 2008

This weekend

I am getting ready for my weekend visitors! My mom, sister and niece (i think) are coming to visit and we are going to take mom out for her birthday so, even though Brin has a wicked cold, we are very excited awaiting their arrival this afternoon : ) I love visitors!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I've been meaning to ask...what do you think of the playlist? or do you keep your computer on mute like I used to? I try to coordinate the song with the posts - so, so corny I know but a little fun.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's official...

I had my first prenatal visit today and my pregnancy is "official". I liked my new doc but who knows who will be on call when I deliver. With Brinley, who was born on her due date, my doctor did deliver her...but what are the odds of that happening again? My due date is March 2nd so I was a few days off of my prediction of February 27th - So not only will I be wondering "is it a boy or girl?" but "a February or March baby?" We all know they arrive when they want to anyway! I learned that when Ben surprised us 2 weeks and a day before his August due date. We just hope to be blessed (yet again) with a happy, healthy baby, and if we're with Brinley's sleep habits : )

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I thought I was going to the grocery store today but my car wouldn't start - ugh! I waited a few minutes, tried again but it got worse until it was completely dead so not having anyone nearby to call - I was stranded today! At home at least but in need of food. When Bryce got home (with dinner in a paper sack) I went and got a new battery but it wasn't the correct one so I thought "I'm stranded again tomorrow?" which really bummed me out because I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow! but I think he's going to let me take his truck, after I drive him to work of course. I think he's mostly concerned about me getting to the grocery store so he can eat - haha.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

New Experiences

After I made my first prenatal appointment, I received some paperwork in the mail - one was an info sheet on how to go online and fill out my medical history on something called a patient portal. Has anyone else done this? It was new for me. I logged on with the name & password they gave me (then had to change it) and worked on an extensive questionnaire. Although a little impersonal, at least it will same some time at my actual visit and I know my medical info is correct, not someone else interpretation of what I'm saying. It was a good new experience, except for sitting in the hot garage with my laptop while the kids "work" on my car. Notice all the chalk marks on my tire? They were making it "beautiful" for me! Speaking of next experience is one I dread - finding a new hairdresser. I had an appointment Saturday morning at a salon I found in the "Welcome Wagon" (yes, there were coupons involved) and it was okay at best. I was surprised I got a Saturday appointment so easily so that raised a flag but I thought maybe she's new...she probably was. Besides hearing the owner/manager argue with another hairdresser (like I don't hear enough at home!) the ambiance was okay, not rushed. My hair turned out okay... a little short, especially in the front where it was also uneven! Surely she could spot that but she chose not to acknowledge so I probably will be going somewhere different next time. Not a wonderful experience.
Then Brinley got her big girl bed put together right before nap time - I wouldn't have chosen that time but my husband had started by the time I got back and since my house & garage were all clean (he's a really great housekeeper-and I've definitely slacked lately) I went with the flow. So here's a picture of Ben helping her get her new bed all broken in...
She only got up once at nap and knocked and said she wanted to play but I put her back and she has stayed in since, no problems!! yeah! Ben also slept in his bed all night last night so I don't know why I'm up at 6 am? Potty training is also going well!
My last experience was going to Ulta, which I have never been before. I've been feeling kinda gross lately...gaining weight but not looking pregnant yet (my least favorite pregnancy phase) and feeling & looking tired so I thought some new makeup would refresh me. I got there (I even got to go alone) and became so overwhelmed, even depressed and left with nothing. So instead, feeling like I was about to pass out I went to subway to refuel. I can home defeated feeling like a nut case after telling Bryce what happened. So I think my Ulta experience was highjacked by my hormones. Maybe another day...

Friday, August 1, 2008

My crazy "pregnant" husband

My husband believes he has sympathy pregnancy symptoms. There are 2 reasons I think he's seriously mistaken. #1 - I love my husband, but he is not a sensitive guy - at all, so to think that he's so in touch with the pregnancy that he feels it also just makes me laugh. #2 - the symptoms he's having, he had days before me, (and it's not just normal pregnancy stuff, by the third baby I know this) so I think he must have brought home some stomach affliction from the hospital. Aside from this recent set back my actual "morning sickness" is a lot better as I'm nearing the end of my first trimester... I wonder how long his will last - lol!

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Oh, No - she's growing up!

My little girl is potty training, climbing out of her crib (late bloomer, i know) and today she asked me to paint her toenails! That was such a fun moment...but am I ready for this? Well, I'm definitely ready for the potty training which is going pretty well. She's reluctant to go #2 for some reason but I figure she's just not comfortable with that yet. As long as I remind her to take a potty break, her panties stay dry and even her diaper was dry when we made a trip to the mall the other day (i wasn't willing to chance a accident there). And she likes to do it all herself. She pulls up the stool to turn on the light, pulls down her panties, dumps it into the big potty and flushes! Sooo different from my son, who still acts like he needs help. A couple of days ago, I heard a knock and I thought "is she banging on the wall?" (which would be very odd for her) but nope - I went to her room and she was out of her crib and knocking patiently on the door to be let out of her room. I guess Ben's lessons finally paid off - he's been trying to teach her to climb out for awhile now. So tomorrow we are putting up the toddler bed and she says she wants it but I'm not so sure...what if she stops sleeping so well? Will we have 2 kids climbing into our bed now? I don't know if I'm ready but I guess I can't stop her, can I?

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