Saturday, February 28, 2009

No thanks

Okay, let's just pretend I would actually buy a swimsuit right now to qualify for this free tote - hmm, let me think...
Would I like to look like Marissa Miller?
Do I want to carry her around on my beach tote?
Uh, No.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ribbit Ribbit

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Going for a ride

Yesterday we took a walk/ride around the neighborhood.
Bowen took in all his surroundings, haha.
I'm just amazed this stroller still works after over 4 years of abuse.

Ben left us in the dust - time to take off those training wheels!
Don't ya love the swim trunks he wanted to wear?

Brinley taking a break.
As good as she is at most things, riding does not come that easily for her. Maybe she needs a smaller trike?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another first...

How could I forget? Last night Bowen peed on Daddy for the first time (haha - he christened me before we left the hospital) and poor little bystander Brinley :(
I don't have pictures of that ...but wished I did!

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All by myself...kinda

Yesterday was my first day alone with all 3 kids, and I say "kinda" because Brook & Bryce were still here while I showered and got ready (but Brinley did have me up at 6am making her breakfast) then it was just me.
We took Ben to school, took Brinley to gym class, went to the post office, picked Ben up, came home - nursed, pumped, and snacked - then off to the grocery store for a few things. Whew!
Then we went to IHOP for free pancakes in celebration of National Pancake Day .
Busy Day.
It was Bowen's 1st trip to the grocery store.
And Bowen's 1st bottle later that night - first Daddy fed....
then Brinley wanted to help :) and she burped him.

Then Daddy had to take over for the real burping!
(And I just noticed my family wears the heck out of the white tee - lol)

Also, his umbilical cord fell off!
It was the perfect way to show Ben & Brinley how they got their belly buttons.
Quiet a day...and it all went well!

Today's plan is much simpler - take Ben to school, do laundry...
which my hubby has already started for me after feeding the kids breakfast :)

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brinley, little mommy

I was sitting on the couch with Bowen when Brinley scooted up beside us, patted his head and asked "Is he your baby or mine?"

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When will it stop?

oh my...the milk.
I don't remember how long it takes before I stop looking like Dolly, but man I hope it's soon. Last night I was opening my free diaper bag from the hospital and I said "oooh!". Brook was nearby and asked "what?" and I'm sure she was thinking it was something was breast milk storage containers, lol! When I ran out, I actually just pumped into the trash can - I know horrible, liquid gold being discarded but I was desperate.
Oh, and the swelling - I was never this puffy pregnant and now I'm fluid filled from my eyelids to my sausage toes.

I know it will end. After all, I've done this before...
These are the things I convinced myself weren't so bad 9 months ago.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Bowen's first check up

Bowen - 4 days old Okay, I gotta admit I stole this idea from Allison's Jenna Bear. My "Bowen Bear" was a gift from Nece & Pawpaw so it's huge but I think it will be fun to document his growth with such a big sidekick :)

Speaking of growth, he had a check up today and has dropped under 8 pounds but otherwise he's a perfect newborn!

Ben & Brinley have been very loving and haven't been jealous (yet) but I've had help so we'll see what happens after Aunt Brookie leaves tomorrow...I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can juggle them all.
Housework is another story, haha.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Word of the day


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A few more details...

The gory details -
I went in Tuesday evening after having consistent contractions for a couple hours, they monitored me & decided to admit even though they weren't really strong. Near midnight they were getting more intense so I asked for my epidural and got it at 12:45 but then labor stalled...ugh!
So later that morning my doctor started Pitocin and broke my water so we could have a baby!
2 funny things - Yes, I had makeup on but after 19 hours, it didn't matter. And the checker at Walmart predicted the date correctly -lol!!!
First picture - hey, I said gory details, lol. Not much hair on this "little" guy.

All cleaned up :)

Brinley is happy to be a big sister - she just watches him & giggles.
(don't worry Nece was supporting Bowen from underneath)

Ben is proud but very nervous to hold him, so Daddy helps.

The visit was not without some drama.
Brinley flipped over the couch and got a scary huge knot on her head.
It was horrible!
But I'm happy to report she's doing good now.

We left the hospital Friday.

And are now home recovering, even though I gotta admit it was my least painful labor - by far and I had really great care, no wicked nurses : )
We will have to work on getting our days & nights straight, and he's got a great appetite so my posts will definitely be sporadic, especially after my helpers leave in a couple of days & Bryce returns to work on Monday :(

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a Boy!

Bowen Bryce
was born today at 2:03 p.m.
8lbs. 4 oz. and 21 inches longHe is perfectly healthy!
We are so proud & so blessed!
Mommy & baby are getting some rest now...
more details later.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new attitude

My impatience has obviously gotten the best of me (especially after yesterday's dr. appt.) so my husband called me out on it last night . He reminded me that my due date is still next week and that I should be happy our baby is full term and I've had a healthy pregnancy.
Honestly, I am just anxious and ready to get the labor & engorgement & gooey belly all over with.

But I am going to have a new grateful attitude! I am so thankful I've had not 1 - but 3 healthy pregnancies! And I will enjoy my last few days as a mom of 2 (thanks Suzanne) and try to take it all in because it's likely my last days to ever be pregnant, which is a gift...more so than being able to sleep or tie my shoes :)
And when the lady at Target tells me there's a special place in heaven for me (having a 4yr, 2yr & newborn) I'll try not to think "yeah, it's heaven's version of the psych ward" -lol.

I'm one lucky girl.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

And she's out

Poor Brin was watching a cartoon and eating a bagel...
then her cough medicine kicked in.

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It's a waiting game

No big news from either doc today----
Ben has an ear infection.
Not a lot of change with me - BP good, weight is the same, dilated only a little more but she seems to think I will deliver before next week.

That's it...I'm headed outside to jump on the trampoline!


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Still pregnant...

...and waiting, thinking everyday is "the day" but I guess the baby didn't get the memo that I don't really want this to go on a full 40 weeks.
My husband offered to use his amnio hook...what a sweetie! haha. (*Note to Bryce - ask me again if I'm still prego at the end of the week.)
Pitocin isn't looking so bad, but we don't have a date until the 24th - Let's see what my doc says after my appointment this afternoon.

Now I gotta get ready for Ben's appt - he woke up with an earache (first ever) at 4am! I can't keep my family well - what's going on??

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

LOL moments

2 things - not kid related - that made me just laugh & laugh...

#1 - Talking to my sister on the phone, and she said "lately I've been making up stories". Now I knew what she meant...that's she's been writing but I couldn't get over the image of her just lying her head off!
Not sure if this will strike anyone else as funny..???
#2 - We've been on Facebook all weekend and I get this email that reads "Bryce says you are married...." and asks me to "confirm the relationship". We both got a kick out of that and I was tempted to deny it just to see what he would do...but I didn't cause it was Valentine's Day.

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Our Valentine's Day

I guess technically my Valentine's Day started Friday night when Bryce got home with roses & chocolates, even though he had a long day driving to Texas for the funeral then coming right back home (he was hesitant to leave me, afraid I would go into labor) but he stopped to get gifts for me and the kids :)

Here's Brin taking a big whiff.

She always makes me stop to smell the flowers in grocery stores or craft stores (even though those aren't real, haha). Me & my little man

Daddy took us out for lunch at Olive Garden (my & Ben's choice, not daddy's). The kids always eat well there - from salad & bread sticks to spaghetti and desert :)

Later we went to the video store because (GASP!) we still do not have television, our satellite has not been getting a signal since the tornado and they can't get here until next week to fix it!! Also, our road is still not open and we had another short power outage Friday night. I overheard my kids playing "the power is out" game last night in Ben's room.

Sooo ready for things back to normal because without tv we are fighting for computer time... Bryce is now totally addicted to Facebook - I think he was going thru withdrawals while we were at the video store, lol.
Which, by the way, reminded me why we switched to Netflix a couple years ago. Although I found a reasonable place (unlike the $4 one night rental I paid for while Bryce & the kids were gone, tonight I spent $3 for 5 videos!) taking kids in to pick out movies...not fun.
And we never did watch a movie last night - maybe today at nap time....

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Party

Just a few pictures from Ben's class party... See the cake pop on his plate? He actually said "I don't want that"...little traitor :0
He did however want his valentines, especially the ones with candy.
So, I have to ask...does anyone really like sweethearts?
I think they're yucky and the kids didn't even eat them.

she came for the cookies.

Ben playing the dance & freeze game.
As you can see most kids froze in a normal position - not him, haha.

Cake pops, nothing special this time - strawberry cake dipped in pink candy with some heart & confetti sprinkles.
I did have several moms asking about them though so I directed them to Bakerella.

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We're cool now

I never joined My Space, it just seemed "trashy" to me...don't be offended! I know not everyone on there is trashy, but I saw plenty of stuff that was.
So instead I started my blog, which I was hesitant to do because of privacy...then I realized we're not Angelina & Brad and not that many people care enough to stalk us, haha. And I'm kind of addicted to it now!

Anyway, I've been told Facebook is different and Bryce and I were told we needed to join so last night he signed us both up.
So we're cool now...right?

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Belly Pictures

I've wanted to have these done since I was pregnant the first time and since this is very, very likely my last pregnancy...I just had to!

So Warning: Belly Pictures!!! for those of you who are grossed out...

These are a couple of my favorites...

The close-up
Love this - the photographer told Ben to stand beside me & he put his head on my shoulder without being prompted...awww!

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