Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brinley talk

The other day my little Brin was just talking away while we were swinging an empty swing to each other (I don't know why she likes to do that, but she does so I play along) but I didn't really know what she was saying. She was speaking confidently though so I started listening very carefully and asked her what she was talking about. She was saying "just one job for the rest of your life? That's a big decision" a quote from Bee Movie!! I cracked up and decided I should listen to her more often and decided to write down some of the things she says throughout a day. Of course they are much cuter in her raspy voice, but here they are...

First thing in the morning when I walk up to her crib "I draw you a picture!" she anounces holding up her mini magna doodle. She wakes up the happiest little girl ever - I love that!

She likes the word "magic", so anything she thinks is neat (like making an imprint in play-doh) is "magic" to her.

At breakfast "I like moatmeal in my mouf" translation ...I like oatmeal in my mouth.

After getting a reece's mini cup as a potty treat, she calls it a "pie".

While washing her hands "I like waters on my hand".

While swinging "high" in the big swing "wooho, I'm a cowboy!"

And last, after cleaning up a potty "miss", before putting on fresh panties, she runs around with a naked bottom telling her brother "bobo coming at you".

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just me?

When I'm pregnant, I have to eat all the time. I'm not talking about being huge, 8 months and starving...I mean from the beginning. Most women are too nauseated to eat but I find eating helps with that. Even now as the morning sickness is subsiding, I need to eat every couple of hours or I feel weak, lightheaded, shaky. But it's hard because I'm busy with the kids and I can't think of any new snacks (salty, not sweet ones)- I'm actually kind of tired of eating. But I don't want to feel yucky, so I keep eating and at this rate I'll gain 100 lbs. Is this just me?

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Grocery shopping

With the exception of today, in which my kids were wonderful, grocery shopping with them is torture. This apple is an example of the damage they do while I shop (I don't have a pic of the yogurt they busted last week)...for some reason they throw it around in the cart like a ball. Now, this is in addition to the apples they start eating while we're still in the store - not so terrible, I guess, but I get odd looks from the checker when I half my pink lady apples in my bag have been bitten into and the other half are severly beaten. - lol!

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Potty Training

Potty training is one of my least favorite mommy tasks. Maybe because Ben was so resistant? Anyway, I have put it off long enough with Brinley so we started last week. It's been hit or miss - a few successes and she is very proud when she goes potty but not enough that she'll stop playing and go to the bathroom though. I will give her to the end of the week...

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Me...pregnant...yes, again

For those of you who don't know....We are expecting our third baby next year : 0 and are very excited. It will probably be our last since I'm no spring chicken anymore. It's a little scary because I feel like we're tempting fate a little. I'm older now and we already have 2 healthy, smart, wonderful children so could we possibly get so lucky a third time? Well, we hope so. We are going to fly blind this time and not find out the sex although the suspense may kill. We have the next several months to haggle over baby names and I pray we come up with 2 suitable options before I go into labor. Speaking of labor...why am I doing this again?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ben's party

Ben said his party was "the best!" I thought it was too hot but it was a pool party so hot & sunny is okay. Here is the Wall-E cake...glad that's over. Some parts were a challenge and there are a couple of things I would do differently but I'll probably never have to make one again. Thanks to Lindy who thought of the Twix neck! Ben loved it and the lifeguards thought it was cool, so it impressed boys Group shot
Ben got some great gifts and when Lindy called me and told me about the Knight armor set she found, I knew Ben would love it...I just didn't know he would wear the helmet all the way home to OK.

The Rib

This place was not near as scary as Bryce described...very dated, blue walls and you can imagine the rest. They didn't even have real fountain drinks, just a cup of ice and a can of Dr. Pepper but It was really good!! and they were super nice and gave the kids free ice cream. It's the kind of small town place where everyone there knew one another and ya gotta love that. We ended up taking some brisket and turkey "to go" for Nece & Pawpaw's house. We'll be back!

Catch up

I've got some catching up to do - pictures of Ben's party and a pic of The Rib but right now I've got to get us ready for Ben's doctor appointment so maybe later today...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

back...again...I hope

Well, my "fixed" computer didn't even last the weekend!!! but now I have a new hard drive so I should be back for good : )

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm back

Our computer got very sick earlier this week - apparently we had not one, but several viruses, so it had to go to the computer hospital. I have it back now and we're on the road going back to Texas (for Ben's birthday party!) and we'll be there soon after a stop at a place called "The Rib" in Denison - which Bryce swears is the best, and I'm starving so it better be...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Playhouse bargain

I was wanting to get the kids a playhouse sometime anyway (now that we have a real yard) and we walked into Wal-Mart (garden center) and spotted this one for about 60% off! And- this sealed the deal for Bryce- it was already assembled. It's good for both kids since it's not too house in front, gas station on one side, market on the other and a really neat soccer net & b-ball hoop in the back. They were really excited and have officially taken over the backyard now.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Science museum

My sister came to visit us this weekend and we went to the Science Museum yesterday, mostly because I had promised Ben a trip to the planetarium but it turned out to be a great place for the kids, very hands-on! They have 2 really neat tree houses - this is the kids on the see-saw.
Here they are making the hot air balloon rise. In the planetarium it wasn't long after it got dark and Brinley was saying "get me out of here" so we came back out to play and this playhouse was her favorite. But Ben got to finish the show - he really enjoyed it and even got to bring home a map of the stars.
Then we headed downtown to Bricktown to have dinner and explore. We managed to leave just before the rain!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My fruity kids

My kids really like fruit- which is great, but I was getting ready the other day and they got the strawberries and blueberries out of the fridge. This is what Brinley does to them - takes a bite out of each one and puts it back!! But before I discovered this...
I walked into the dining area and saw Ben throwing blueberries so I picked it up. "No, mama" he said and then "fetch Brinley". "What is going on?" I asked as he continued to throw blueberries all around and Brinley retrieved and ate them off the floor. "I'm training Brinley" he said. "She's not a dog, Ben" I told him and his response was "she's a dolphin, mama".

Friday, July 11, 2008


I've surprised even myself this time when I decided to switch laundry detergents. I've been a loyal Tide girl for years but I got this small bottle of cheaper detergent before the move because I thought it would easier to move than my giant Tide. Plus, I'm a big Oxi Clean fan and as it turned out I was impressed with it! So, when I went to Target today to get more I bought Arm & Hammer again because even with Tide on sale this week, this does more loads for less $$. So, it's 2 thumbs up for the Arm & Hammer with Oxi Clean.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Look

My blog is about to get a new look! So next time you tune in, it may look different but don't shy away...let me know how you like it.

In a rush

It seenms I'm always in a rush to get the kids ready and this week has been no exception. Ben has had swimming lessons every morning and today Brinley insisted on staying in her pj's so I just grabbed her clothes & shoes and figured I could dress her when we got there - which I did and by then her stubborn streak had lifted. Unfortunately these are the shoes I grabbed for her. Two different flip flops and even worse ... they were both right feet !!

Monday, July 7, 2008


We got this freebie playset from my Bryce's brother & wife - thanks guys! When we got it home yesterday we were leary because we had been warned it was hard to assemble but we had it pieced together pretty quickly without even a picture. Then a couple of trips to Home Depot today for 2 bolts and a dozen screws to hold it all together - all we need now is one more swing and we are in business. The kids are so excited! And I don't even think Bryce threw anything - lol.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone has a fun & safe holiday weekend. We are going to Texas for a visit then bringing Brookie back with us : ) yeah! I love company!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


The roads in my new town are horrendous! Right before you get to our neighborhood our road is reduced to it's original 2 lanes, apparently the funds/desire to continue the widening ran out right before you get to us. So when I turn left to go home traffic stacks up behind me (there is also no shoulder) which is dangerous. I just have a feeling I will be rear ended one day and it nearly happened the other day. I was waiting for a break in traffic so I could turn left when I check my rear view mirror and see a car speeding toward me. I still can't turn. They slam on their brakes and I move forward thinking even if I move a foot or so maybe it will be enough so they won't hit me. Then I cringe and pray my kids don't get hurt when this idiot slams into us. Well, they were within inches but didn't hit us so I turned onto my street with my heart pounding and thought I was going to throw up until I took a few deep breathes to stop shaking. I said a prayer of thanks then wondered if I would be as lucky next time.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spreading the love

I got these spiral notebooks for the kids today at Target - Hello Kitty for Brin, Spiderman for Ben. They had their choice between a ball or a notebook and both chose the notebook but Brinley was whining for her ball when we left. I reminded her she just got a ball from Nece & Pawpaw and she decided on the notebook. Ben backed me up "you just got a ball and you chose the notebook, Brinley". Then he reassured her "it's okay to cry" and she said "I miss daddy" and reached around for a hug so he hugged her and reminded her again that she picked the notebook (ignoring the daddy comment) but she seemed comforted by him and stopped asking for the ball.
Then as they are writing in their notebooks, Ben said "I love Brinley" aww, I said "you're a good brother and she loves you, too...don't you Brinley?". "uh-hu, I like Ben" she said. She chose the word "like" odd but still sweet. My house is full of love today : )

Reality review

I've caught a few new reality shows this summer..."Tori & Dean, home sweet hollywood" and "Denise Richards: it's complicated". Well, Denise's life isn't any more complicated than anyone elses, she's kinda pathetic and her show is dissappointing but I find myself liking Tori Spelling, which is so funny because she was my least favorite back in my "Beverly Hills 90210" days. So, thumbs down for Denise, thumbs up for Tori & Dean.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I just witnessed one of those moments when you are so proud to be a mom...the kids were in my room playing with the Little People castle when Word World started to come on in the living room. It's their favorite show so I said "I hear word world" and Ben excitedly told his sister "word world is coming on". Then he said " don't worry, we can move the castle in there" and asked her to help him which of course she did! So they carried the castle to the living room each one holding an end and Ben walking backwards like he's moving a couch or something - lol! I said "great teamwork, kids" and Ben said "Brinley, this is what's called teamwork" like she's his little protege.

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