Sunday, May 16, 2010

Better Late than never

Oops, I missed my blogoversary!
It was one month ago today. I'm celebrating 2 whole years of blogging, which I started on a whim just so I could stop sending out mass emails of pictures to family & friends...but I fell in love with it !

So to honor the (belated) occasion I thought I would post a list of things you may not know about me. 35 things to be exact - one for each year of my life, sound fair enough?

1. I'm trying to become a runner.
2. I hate my knees and pray my kids don't have them.
3. I collect souvenir pennies - the ones you make by putting in 2 quarters and a penny into the machine and cranking it, yep I have those from all over!
4. I used to be blonde, very blonde.
5. I want to go on a East Coast fall foliage cruise.
6. I don't know how to ski.
7. I'm not a morning person.
8. I always fold my clothes straight from the dryer. They never sit in a basket.
9. I'm an excellent domino player.
10. I'm so happy Bowen is a boy & love the birth order of boy, girl, boy!
11. My last professional pedicure was about 9 months ago.
12. My favorite movie is Legends of the Fall.
13. I couldn't wait to be a mom! It was my only consistent goal.
14. I might have a facebook addiction.
15. I don't get scared being home "alone", except the 1 time I did I called the police and have never lived it down.
16. I use Latisse.
17. My favorite ice cream is Braum's rocky road.
18. I love that my boys are opposites - brown hair, brown eyes & blond hair, blue eyes.
19. I started drinking coffee this year.
20. I was captain of my drill team (dance) in high school.
21. I wake up early to read the Word...okay, well I try to. Please refer to #7.
22. I use cheap drug store make up.
23. I never go to a tanning bed anymore but will still sit out in the sun without sunscreen, on purpose. And yes, I am scared of skin cancer.
24. I think it should be illegal to smoke anywhere but your own home, and never around minors.
25. I saw the first Twilight movie but wasn't hooked until I saw the 2nd (New Moon) then ended up reading the last 2 books.
26. I NEED chocolate.
27. I have watched American Idol every year up until this one.
28. I bake at least every week.
29. I haven't gotten a new pair of sneakers in 4 years.
30. My favorite (only really) reality tv show is Housewives of OC and New Jersery.
31. I can't play a single musical instrument.
32. I love Paul Newman & Robert Duvall...but I swear I don't have a thing for old men!
33. My favorite color is blue...or white, but white's not really a color, so it's blue.
34. I don't have a degree.
35. I'm not a salesperson, but recently became a Thirty One consultant because I felt absolutely compelled to be a part of this company!

Okay, there ya go...any surprises?

Please, leave me a comment and tell me something about YOU!

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Jessi said...

Happy 2nd Blogoversary! I loved reading your list...SO many things I didn't know about you!

Something about me...hmmm....I've always wanted to get a nail tech license (but I would only do pedis on select feet). ;-)

Trisha said...

Yay! 2 years. See, you gotta keep going to make it three. :)

I want to hear about Latisse... been wondering if it really worked.

Love Legends of the Fall... Brad has never been so beautiful.

I've never understood the folding out of the basket. The clothes get so wrinkly. I fold right out of the dryer too.

Never heard of a fall foliage cruise... off to check it out.

Happy Blogiversary!

Allison said...

I'm with you on so many of these! And yes, I also agree with folding straight out of the dryer. It's so much easier!

Hmmmm....I have a hard figuring out things about me.

My worst habit is picking my toenails completely off. Yuck, I know!

Happy Blog'overary too! Hope you get to 3 years too!

Bea said...

happy anniversary! I echo the previous comments- gotta make it to three!

as for something about me.... hmmm... I'm a chocolate addict myself. Seriously can't go a day without some chocolate. Which reminds me.... ;) gotta go!

Melisa said...

32. Paul Newman, nice call! I DO have a thing for old men. Sean Connery. Mmmhmmm

Melisa said...

P.S. I want Latisse. Is it any good?

Katie L said...

#8 is sooo me!! I am a little OCD about laundry. I CAN NOT pull clothes out of the dryer to fold unless they are hot. I'm glad someone else has this obession! Loved your list!!

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