Monday, May 2, 2011

Bittersweet Goodbye

Today we said goodbye to the crib.
It has been bounced on, climbed on, and slept in by all 3 of my babies.
It has been both loathed & loved.
It will be passed on to a new baby.
My babies aren't babies anymore.



Alexandra said...

I cannot imagine what that will be like.....I hope you are holding up OK, that has got to be a huge transition for you!!!! Congrats on moving into a new season on life!!

Katie L said...

Oh, what a precious picture! I felt the same way when Paige graduated from her baby bed. It's out in the garage because I can't bare to get rid of it even though we aren't having any more babies. I tried to sell it in a garage sale, but no one bought it. I was secretly happy! :)

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