Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Penguin

Oh, he looks cute & innocent....
but Bowen & I can assure you, he's a torture device.

He is Bowen's new nebulizer because on top of the latest ear infection, he also has poor baby can't get a break :(

The 15 minute wrestling matches, I mean breathing treatments, are wearing us out!
Any tips/suggestions on how to make this easier?

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Joy said...

Awww, poor Bowen and Mom! I have no experience, and hope not to as my children seem to win the wrestling matches at our house! Hoping he feels better soon!

Desiree said...

Poor baby Bowen! I am SO sorry!!! We were extremely lucky when Alex (then 9 months old) had RSV and pneumonia last year that the doctor took one look at him (and how he screamed and acted during the lung xray, which was AWful), and said "he'll never put up with breathing treatments" and somehow, Alex recovered on antibiotics and TLC alone. Praying it gets better, FAST!

Trisha said...

oh man, we got our own penguin neb when embry and ellie had rsv. is bowen interested at all in the tv? that seemed the best distraction for us. embry still does a daily treatment every day and looks forward to it because he gets to watch cartoons. :)

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