Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garage Sale - check!

With all the de-cluttering I've done this summer, you had to know a garage sale was coming.
It just so happens my neighborhood had one planned for last Saturday, perfect!

And I promised Ben we would have a lemonade stand this summer, so I was able to strike them both off my list!

While I was preparing the garage, Ben made a sign...
translation: Garage (groj) sale (sel) open (opn) in four (foor) days (daz). It's (Ais) gonna (gun) be (bey) a (o) hit (ht) lol, we are working on vowels.

My wonderful SIL and niece came up to help :)
Bowen must have hugged little Karlie 30 times a day!
And she screamed every time, lol.

Btw, it was a hit. I even caved in and let the kids rescue a couple of toys from it....but someone abandoned the lemonade stand rather quickly.

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