Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking back my house!

Did you ever look in your closet and realize it was truly as mystery as to what was in there? Then watch those hoarder shows and fear you are well on your way?

Turns out having a 3rd child will make everything fall to the back burner...for at least a year in my case, since I could barely function at the end of my pregnancy.
That's why I declared "war on clutter" this week. It has truly been a gift - no school, games, parties, doctor appointments OR husband working 14 hour nights! One week spent at home tackling one closet/project at a time.

This is a few things I've learned:

  • Bo is good on clothes until he turns 4, that's when Ben decided to put holes in every.single.pair of jeans.
  • Children don't care about a toy until you put it in the garage sale pile.
  • I'm so smart to bargain shop in the off-season (and glad I chose this week to organize all the clothes, because I would have been seriously irritated to find those 6 pair of new shorts later in the year!)
  • Medical textbooks loose their
  • Saving every single thing your child drew, painted or pasted is way overrated...I only save some and still have a tub full.
  • I might have some weird hoodie obsession, because Bowen has 6 for next fall (costing only $1-$3 each though)
  • Baby toys, also way overrated. My boys like balls, cars & books and never used a teether, no matter how appealing I thought it was.
  • I'm more gypsy at heart than I thought, having gone 2 years without hanging anything on our bedroom wall just because I know we'll be patching up nail holes in another 2 years.
It feels good and dear husband, I promise it will never fall into disarray again...IF you promise to stop asking for a 4th baby! haha

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Allison said...

WAIT?!?! Bryce wants 4 now??

Jessi said...

Congratulations on successfully tackling the closets and taking inventory! Funny observations about the toys...SO true!

I say 'go for the 4th baby'! We can go insane together. LOL!

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