Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Ben!

I'm proud to be your mommy - You are my little man, growing more like your dad each day. Throwing away picture after picture because you refuse to use erasers and want it perfect, ack! Hopefully there's a bit of me somewhere in you, besides your brown eyes, heehee.

I'm am so proud of you for learning to swim this summer. I love watching you mature into a great athlete. You jump & climb on everything and never fall, it's kinda amazing.

Brinley & Bowen couldn't have asked for a better big brother, you are patient and kind (although a bit territorial lately) and smart because somehow the mess always ends up in Brinley's room, hmm.

Your favorite food is Special K Cinnamon Pecan flakes. You like cheese but will NOT eat it on burgers, or sandwiches and you love applesauce.

You would rather be home than anywhere else.

Your newfound Mario obsession might require an intervention.

No matter when you go to bed, you are up at the crack of dawn!

You wear your Star Wars shirt backwards every time so that you can see Yoda, who is printed on back.

I am so happy you still ask me to "snuggle" you each night...please never stop :)

You are a gift.

Happy Birthday my love,

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Trisha said...

sweetness. Happy Birthday Ben!

Allison said...

AWW...Happy Birthday Ben!!!

The Riherds said...

This post was so sweet! Happy Birthday, Ben! :)

BrOoK said...

ohhh - your birthday posts make me cry each time- so sweet:) and it makes me realize just how fast they grow up. My sweet little Ben is 6 - happy birthday handsome boy!!

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