Friday, January 7, 2011

Bringing Up Boys

Another one of my goals was to read more and although I love fiction, it just seems more justifiable if I read something that would enrich my life.
The first time I heard of "Bringing Up Boys" was from my old (and favorite) boss, years before I had children. My goal was to read it over our Christmas break, but it took me a little longer and I finished it last night. Tears in my eyes, of course.

I really enjoyed it. It seemed a little "preachy" sometimes but probably because I am so guilty. Most of the advice was common sense, Christian parenting 101.

Some things I had already come to a conclusion on, like school. I honestly don't believe I can home school my children without doing a disservice to them academically. I am not a teacher.
But, after having my children attend both public school & Christian school, I just decided I would prefer (when we can fund it) they be educated at a private Christian school. My son is in kindergarten so it didn't take me long to see the difference. Having my children celebrate at their "Winter" parties, without even mentioning Christ's birth just seemed detrimental to their little souls! We cannot compartmentalize our faith and leave it at the schoolhouse doors.

One of the most eye-opening views of Dr. Dobson was his on the Feminist Movement. As a female (raised by a single mother) it's hard to see woman's liberation as a negative thing. It just is. But the correlation of divorce rates (and therefore, disintegration of the American family) does shed a different light on it. I'm thankful that I (and my daughter!) have a choice to stay home, or pursue a career...or both. Unfortunately, the hardcore feminist got it wrong. Our society needs men. Our boys need fathers - plain & simple. A unisex world was not God's design.

Anyway, stepping down off my soapbox...I definitely recommend the book. It shed a little bit of light on what to expect as my children grow. How to keep our family tight and how monumentally important that is.
Sometimes when you feel life is out of control, as Dr. Dobson says it's time to "get back to the basics" - faith & family. Thanks for the reminder.

Now, onto "Bringing up Girls".



Alyssa said...

I'll definitely have to get this! I also feel strongly that the feminist movement has harmed society. I choose to stay home, and feel that is the best place for a mom. I couldn't be the mom I am if I worked and tried to fit family in on the side. I hope I'm setting a good example for my children in how they will one day parent their own children.

Stacy said...

Great post Cindi. I agree children need their daddy's and not only that, they need their mommy's. We are blessed to have that choice of staying home and investing everything we have into their first years. I also totally agree with the private school thing. I think it takes a strong kid who is completely and totally grounded in their identity in Christ to be able to attend a public school where so many different viewpoints are thrown at them on a daily basis and to be able to stand firm on what they believe. Although, I don't want to shelter my children. I want them to experience life, but I always want them to be secure in their identities in Jesus before sending them out into the world so to speak. They are so impressionable when they are little. Alyssa still hears things at her private school that we wouldn't want her to hear, but they are centered around Jesus, and teach them so many character building things that she wouldn't get in a public school, and to us, that is so valuable. We love it! Well worth every single penny.

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