Thursday, July 30, 2009

To: All Shutterbugs

I'll be the first to admit I probably have the worst camera in the bloggy won't even zoom, lol. BUT we are thinking of getting one that will actually do justice to our active, beautiful children.
So, my question is...what camera do you use? and why?

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Lindy said...

Canon Powershot SD790 IS. I think Canon is the way to go...Kodak is such a diappointment after having this camera.

Jen said...

How much do you want to spend? I love my Nikon D40. It's an SLR, Nikon's basic one, but I love it! I also have a point and shoot, Sony Cybershot, that takes decent pics.

I have a friend who recently bought a point and shoot when she came over here to SA. She didn't want to bring the SLR so she bought a Sony. She actually loved it. Here's the link to her blog with the info.

Hope that helps a little in your decision process!

Jessi said...

It just depends on what you want to use it for and how much you want to spend, like Jen said. We bought a Minolta Dimage Z1 about 6 years ago that we loved till the day the zoom button broke. For Christmas, Randy surprised me with a Nikon D60 (a digital SLR) because I have hopes of learning 'real' photography one of these days (and keeping from having to spend the $$$ on 'real' photographers to take pictures of my kids). But sadly, it's so big that it's hard to just stuff in my purse (one reason to go with a smaller point and shoot).

Allison said...

Are you wanting a dslr? It does depend on how far you want to go into it. If you want to learn more about photography, the link on my blog (clickin moms) is really a great site!

And I'm sure if you have any ??'s JM won't mind. I'll just go ahead and volunteer him out.:)

Trisha said...

You need a DSLR for sure... it makes all the difference in the world.

I have the Nikon D50 and love it. I know a few people that have the Canon Rebel and have wonderful pics.

Like Jessi said, it is bulky and not easy to carry around.. sometimes I wish I had one of those little Nikon Coolpix to throw in my purse. But for me, I personally think lugging my camera around is worth it. You can also use the 'auto' mode so it is easy to use.

Mom to the 3rd Power said...

I have a Canon Rebel SLR. Love it!

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