Friday, July 10, 2009

Why I had to say something...

I received lots of comments yesterday from moms (here and on fb) saying they would have been upset but probably would not have said anything.

I have been there.
Starting the day Ben was born. He was taken, cleaned and swaddled then given back to me and he was perfect - Bryce said he had all finger, toes, etc. Well, when things settle and I had a moment alone with my son, who I had just endured 12 hours of labor for....I unwrapped him because I had to see his 10 little fingers and toes for myself!
The nurse came in, scolded me and wrapped him back up!! I was beside myself with shock and anger but didn't say anything. I let her take that moment from me.

Another incident I remember well was being corrected, by a stranger, on how I was holding Ben.

Well, fast forward 5 years and 3 children later and I've gained some confidence.
I try to keep my kids in check, prevent fits (and stares) when it's possible.

And if I were being questioned by someone close to me about my parenting, I would have responded differently.

But by someone who doesn't know the first thing about me or my children.....

Someone who hasn't seen me hold Bowen for hours, nurse him, cuddle with him, make him, she doesn't have the right to judge me.

And I will not give her the power of making me feel like a bad mother.

So, to all you other moms out there - new or experienced - they are your children so (once you gather your emotions) SPEAK UP.

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April said...

Girlie, good for you, I would have spoke up in a heartbeat, that lady had no business, is your child would have been awkward for someone to ask, as she knew he was fine, but okay, but the next comment, ohhhhh know I can let people by with things depending on what they are, but with my kids, I don't think so, I will speak up, if others don't that is their right, but when someone thinks they can approach me about my children, they will be put back in check..I find it hard to believe people would not say anything back if they were in the same situation...oh well, not me, and not in front of my kids, I think you were graceful with your comment, even though you were MAD, and straight to the point to that woman, so bravo to you I say...

Allison said...

Oh, I would have definitely spoken up too. It's one thing about being a mom - even in my short time of 19 months - that instinct just seems to kick in. Before kids, I probably wouldn't have said some of the things I've said to people now - but I'm Jenna's advocate and I have to protect her or do whatever for her and I totally get that now. There have only a been a couple of incidents now where I wished I would have said something but she's my first and I know from now on, I'm not afraid to say things. I'm sure by #2, I won't hold back at all. :)

ok, sorry I feel like I'm writing you a book and I hope it all makes sense, but I completely understand now.

Gosh, it seems like both you and I have had our fair share of rude comments lately (about our kids, hun?)

Mom to the 3rd Power said...

That totally sucks that that nurse took away that moment from you! Ugh-who does she think she is? But, you were a new mom that she thought she walk all over...not any more!

Joy said...

Here Here!

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