Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lokey Lowdown

I've been reminded of how "simple" my posts have been lately - plain, lacking the info & spark I used to post. I think I'll blame that on facebook but I will try to be better.
After all, I will turn this into a book someday.

Here's the Lokey Lowdown:

Daddy - works, works & works out. He was only able to compete in 2 triathlons this season, granted one was a half Ironman, but still work has kept him busy.
And it will until next year when things lighten up. We are SOoOo looking forward to that!

Ben - He can tie his own shoes and READ! (how many Nick Jr. watching moms thought I was going to write "and count by twos" ? It's okay, I almost did.) He does math, still has tears at school drop off some days but hasn't wet the bed in months! And you should see him dribble a soccer ball. He wears his back pack over 1 shoulder because that's cool and was even requesting a chore chart so he could earn extra money! He will be driving in ten years...ten.

Brin - She informs me "I've found a boyfriend" WHAT?!? So I ask her why she likes this boy (whom she can't remember the name of) and she says "He has good hair". Well, I guess it wasn't cool enough because she has a new beau, who we'll call Z, and I saw her sitting beside him in the pick up line...has a mohawk! I see more of me in her all the time...we are the pokey Lokeys. Yet, she is better. Like, when she sings her Bible school hymns loud & proud...she's the little me I wish I was.

Bowen - He has recently hit the, terrific twos. Just like his brother, right about 18 months the fits commence. I can't be out of his sight! Luckily the hair pulling has stopped and even the hitting is getting better (knock, knock) but this child doesn't eat hardly a thing! I've seen such a picky child. He's getting a real sense of humor and has a hilarious laugh. He loves football and being outside...just don't tell him it's time to go in.

Me - I'm in the process of getting my home childcare license! I'm still loving Thirty One and am dabbling with photography on a whim (I will post some recent pictures) but most days I just struggle to get it all done. That doesn't usually happen- I have kids in 2 different schools, constantly stress over dinner, have hay bails on my porch just screaming for a scarecrow to be put on them, the book of Isaiah open waiting to be read and have a load in the dryer to fold...but it's good to have goals, right?

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Katie L said...

You are a busy girl! I loved reading about what's going on with your family. Great post!

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