Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mission October

Come over to my house and you will quickly find out who we support...Dallas Stars blanket, Cowboys jersey hanging in the closet, along side a Texas Rangers cap. We even watch the Mavs (post season) and we're not big basketball fans.
It doesn't matter who they are playing, we always want our hometown teams to win!!!

Lucky us, we always have someone to cheer for...this fall it happens to be the Texas Rangers (don't get me started on the Cowboys!)
I won't claim to have watched them all season, because c'mon, I don't have enough time to donate to 6 months of baseball....and I haven't been to a game since Pudge was playing.

These guys have one of the worst reps in the league.
They have made only 3 postseason appearances prior to this year and have lost to the Yankees every time. Did I mention how A-Rod's record breaking contract help to bankrupt them?
It was delicious to see them win the pennant by striking out him out.

Texas Rangers, American League Champions
Now they are off the face the shoe polish beard in the World Series!
The WORLD SERIES. At Arlington Stadium. Surreal.

Tune in tonight if you want to watch some baseball history.

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Dion said...

The nana boo boo is awesome!

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