Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Bo!

Oh, my little boy, how I have loved watching you grow! Every single day of the past 2 years you have brought me joy in ways only you could. You are my fair child...serious and quiet but with that mischievous Lokey twinkle in your eyes.

You still love peek-a-boo games and flip out if anyone messes with mommy. Your can often be heard saying "oh, fall" and love reading "Where's my Sweetie Pie?", "Gossie", and "The Eye Book". You will do anything for a sucker.

You are such a boy - obsessed with all things football and "motorcysells" (motorcycles). You love your boots, "shooting" things and showing us how strong you are, lifting anything to prove it.

You know Elmo, Curious George, Harry Potter, Super Mario, and Barbie thanks to your big sister & brother who you imitate every chance you get.
When Ben is Luke, Brinley is Leia and you are "baby Han Solo". When Ben is Harry, Brinley is Hermione and you are "baby Ron" ready to "oo-fy" anyone who crosses your path.
You are my three musketeers.

You are the quintessential "baby" of the family - adored by us all!
Bowen, we couldn't have asked for a more wonderful completion to our family.
You are precious. You are loved.

Happy Birthday, my son!

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The Riherds said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday, Bo!

Those pictures are fantastic, by the way. :)

Bea said...

such an adorable guy, and what a sweet post! Happy birthday Bo!!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday, Bo! I haved absolutely loved watching you grow over the last 2 years. Such a big boy now!
Hope you had a great birthday, sweet boy.

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