Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowcation, the sequel

Another several inches of snow this week & a couple more days at home.
And this time Daddy got to spend a day at home with us!

Bowen can tolerate the cold for about 5 minutes...
otherwise I think he would have loved sledding.

Yes, I realize my "snow" pictures are mostly Ben...
But he has had the most fun!
Which is good to know so we won't plan a ski vacation for a couple more years.

Brinley was feeling better and got to join us.
that's a smile behind all that hair :)

Bryce tried his hand at snow surfing

A snowcation wouldn't be complete without a project.
This is Ben's box for his class "friendship" party...that would be Valentine's party to the rest of us.

ILU = I love you
He's too cool to spell it out, I guess.

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