Friday, September 18, 2009

Bowen ~ 7 months

He snagged this little pumpkin pie right outta my hand last night!!
Unfortunately he seems to only want food he can't have.
He's making his way around pretty well these days.

Today with his bear.

Here's what happening with our 7 month old:

  • crawls
  • pulls up
  • coos, babbles
  • has 2 bottom teeth
  • sits upright, unassisted
  • wears about size 12 months, sometimes 18 mos and size 3 diapers!
  • doesn't care much for baby food (but wants to grab anything we're eating.)
  • still nurses all night...that will come to an end soon when he moves to his own room.

He's momma's little boy and I love it!

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Alexandra said...

He is toooooo cute, don't know how you stand it!! He's growing so fast, they are only little for so short a time!

Allison said...

Seriously, again - He is so stinkin cute!! And I can't believe you get him to still sit still for the bear?!?

I can't believe he's 7 mos already. His first b-day is going to be here before you know it!

Trisha said...

What a big boy! So handsome. :)

April said...

he is precious!!! Pumpkin hey, who can blame him..

Jessi said...

Can't believe how fast time is flying....seriously, 7 months already? Bowen is SO cute....I just love big, squeezable babies...good for him for being able to move around....Laney was so big that she did roll until 8 months and wasn't crawling till 9 months or so.

Hope the baby food feedings are going better....but who wants the pureed stuff when you can have pumpkin pie? *wink*

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