Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yogurt Night

"Why does
yogurt night
have to be
so difficult?"
Ken, Bee Movie
We checked out our new yogurt hot spot this weekend a night (or two!)
Bowen didn't care for it....

He thought his feet tasted much better!

The weather was great for sitting on the patio.

And the kids love "building" their own yogurt.
I'm sure we'll be back :p

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Trisha said...

hey, is this the fresh berry place? i have been wanting to check the new one out here.

Allison said...

Bowen is looking more and more like a little boy! He's getting so big!

Yogurt sounds good right now!

Cindi said...

Trisha, it's Lushberries and there's another place, Berrilicious, opening even closer to us :)

Darrica said...

Your kid's r so cute!

Hi, I'm Ginny said...

Tulsa must seriously get these soon. Have you been to Pink Swirls yet? It is really good too. Although, Orange Tree will always be number 1 in my heart. I love their cookies and cream! I make a stop at one of them every time I am in town. So addicting and yummy!

Jessi said...

I've never heard of these yogurt bars (?) before. You're talkin' about fresh yogurt, not the frozen kind right? Interesting. I'm with Bowen...not a fan of yogurt...but it looks like a fun family night out.

Katie L said...

Yummy!! I could eat that stuff everyday!

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