Saturday, September 5, 2009


These pictures may look familiar to some of you...
Because I just stole them from Trisha! Exactly one week ago tonight I had to pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine and some yummy fondue with these lovely ladies. (and I forgot my camera!!)
They have become a great support system for me and help me keep my sanity when things are getting crazy. Soooo glad I found you!

Thanks girls!

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Trisha said...

and i stole from joy. :)

so glad to have found you too!

Desiree said...
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Desiree said...

Haha! And if I don't get mine off the camera soon, I'll be stealing from YOU! LOL... I had such a great time, though. When are we doing this again?

Katie L said...

Ha! I stole from Joy too! We do need to plan another one soon!

Jessi said...

I'm just sad that I don't have a reason to steel them, too. *wink* So sorry that I missed out on all of the fun!

Soooooo, when are you and Allison making the drive down to Corpus, closer to *my* neck of the woods? *wink*

Melisa said...

I just love you girls. Wish we could do an East Coast thing some time. ;o)

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