Friday, October 30, 2009

Storybook Forest

Storybook Forest is just that...a stroll through the woods at Lake Arcadia with storybook and nursery rhyme themes throughout the trail. And of course the kids get candy at each stop!
The three little pigs....
if you peek in the window, you can actually see pigs sitting inside :)
The sword in the stone

Rock a bye baby...
Brinley had to get close enough to see if the baby was real. And let me apologize for her attire..she insisted on the purple dress but at least I got her to put something over it to keep her warm!

Hey diddle diddle....
Although I've never seen a cow jumping over the moon,
somehow I don't think he would quite like this, lol.
Points for getting it up in the sky, though!!!

Peter Peter, pumpkin eater...

Hold on, Bo!
Nighty, night & sweet dreams.

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Jessi said...

What a neat idea! Such neat things for the kids to do there in your neck of OK!

Trisha said...

Man, Arcadia's where it's at! What a neat place!

Katie L said...

You sure find the coolest places to take your kids!

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