Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Making Peace

A few months ago I had a run-in with a sales lady at Kohl's when she asked "how long are you going to let him cry?" in reference to here for the full story.

Well, I was in Kohl's this morning and there she was!
Do I say something?
No, no, let it go and so I turned away (I was standing in line at customer service) and then she spoke...

"Your children are just beautiful" she gushed.
"Thanks" I curtly replied.

That's it, I gotta say something! What? only rude things came to mind so I kept my mouth shut. She walked away to her department. I finished my transaction.

She obviously didn't remember me but that incident really stuck with me and she should know it. She needs to know she was wrong about me, I decide.

I tracked her down and ask "you don't remember me, do you?"
She smiles, the wheels are spinning....
So I proceed to tell her and she remembers me.

"My children are happy and loved and well cared for and I thought you should know that" and I also explain how that was a rough day and she was "wrong about me".
She gets teary and tells me some story about the abuse she had seen that very same day...blah, blah - not because I don't know children are hurt, because I don't believe her.

It doesn't matter because she apologized to me.
She was happy I found her and it "made her day".
Again, blah blah..

I didn't do it for her.
I did it for me.

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Trisha said...

you are so brave. good for you for standing up for yourself!

Katie L said...

Good for you girl! I bet next time she won't be so quick to judge. Proud of you!

Dion said...

Go Cindi!!

April said...

Good for you!!!

Robertson's said...

Impressive! Wish I had more guts sometimes!

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