Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three year olds and their phases

Little Miss Brin is going through a phase...
Not sure what to call it: asserting her independence? no, she's been doing that a while...stranger anxiety? possibly...

She's always been a go getter, wanted to play soccer, go to school with Ben...but in the past few weeks she's refused to participate in soccer, gymnastics, attend children's church or nursery.

So needless to say now would not be a good time to sign her up for preschool...or would it?

Nothing has changed around here for her (besides getting a little brother almost 8 months ago) and she's wanting to leave naptime behind like her big brother...ugh!

Any experience with this or suggestions on how to turn things around for her?

P.s. - bribery, in any form, does NOT work :)

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Allison said...

So what exactly is she doing? Maybe a middle child kind of phase thing?? Maybe on a Saturday, you could make it a girls day and just you and her go out and do something together? do you think that's it?

I'm currently reading Parenting with Love and Logic, and I really like it!

Cindi said...

I don't buy the middle child thing because I was a middle she's the only girl but every child is different.

I was gonna let her go with me to my SIL's baby shower so she could be with the big girls...but now Ben is sick.
IDK - one on one time is so hard to arrange and I swear I try to give her positive reinforcement and am doing the love & logic choices thing so we don't butt heads as much.

Jen said...

Fun! Emma Grace went through this weird phase...not really sure how to describe it. The biggest thing I can remember is we didn't let her run the show or control things because that's what she wanted to do. Many days we would need to leave for school but she refused to get dressed or do it in her time, so we would grab clothes for her and take her to the car in her pjs. By the time we got to school she was fine. She finally stopped doing it. I guess she saw it wasn't working!

Jessi said...

UGH! I think I'd go with asserting independence...along with "it's a girl thing". But then again, I don't have a 3YO little girl....yet. *wink* No advice to share other than continue choosing your battles wisely while trying to let her know that she is not the one running the show. ((HUGS)) Why must parenting be so hard sometimes?

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