Thursday, October 22, 2009

The time has come...Brinley's 1st haircut

Well, she made it 3.5 years with the same hair because you know once she started to get curls (shortly before her first birthday) there was no way I could get it cut.

Her little curls have become so much a part of her identity.
Definitely her most remarkable feature (although I love her eyes).
But after so long, no amount of conditioner and detangler was helping and c'mon, it's just hair so it was time for a haircut.

This little girl was excited!

"We're going to the kids' place, right?" she asked more than once.One last look...

Bye bye baby curls :(

Her hair was pretty long with curls but wet, it was really long.

We had to take off about 5 inches to get the top layer to even up with the new layer of curls underneath.

And this is why she was adamant we go to the "kids' place" - you put your card in and pull out a prize. She was willing to cut her hair off for a bottle of bubbles! LOL


All her hidden curls

Hello, big girl hair :)

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Trisha said...

Oh the anticipation as I was scrolling down the post. :) It looks so pretty! Such a big girl.

Jen said...

Wow! 3.5 years! That's amazing! Her hair and her curls are still beautiful after her cut!

Jessi said...

She still has SO many curls even with cutting 5". This is exactly why I'm hesitant to cut Laney's....I KNOW the baby curls will be gone forever. *snif, snif*

Yes, such a big girl!

Dion said...

Did you save a curl?? The cut made her hair look so full - like a hair model.

--Leann-- said...

oh my goodness. such a big day. She looks gorgeous, but you already knew that. :)

We love snip its. They do a great job (usually) and they are very kid friendly.

Riherd Family said...

What a fun day! You could shave her head, and she would still be gorgeous!
As for Aubrey, I think it'll take 3.5 years before she has enough hair to cut! :)

Desiree said...

She still has SO many curls! WOW! My little sis was like that - mom didn't want to cut her hair and eventually my sister cut it herself, which resulted in having to get a bob to fix the mess. No fear - when she hit her teens, the curls came back with a vengeance and she still looks like Shirley Temple!

Allison said...

It still looks great! She is one beautiful little girl! I'm not near ready to cut Jenna's hair either - although it could probably use it too.

Joy said...


Hi, I'm Ginny said...

She is just too cute. Her hair so beautiful. What a lucky girl!

Katie L said...

Such a sweetie! She has beautiful hair and a such a fun Mommy for taking her to the fun kid's place!

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