Friday, November 20, 2009

Bag Boy

Ben has a new little "habit", he collects things (legos, qtips, action figures, etc.) and puts them in a baggie/box of some sort to carry around with him.

At first I thought he had great organizational skills but now his collection has grown so much I'm becoming I have a future bag lady, I mean boy, on my hands? LOL

This is just some of his stuff.
Deodorant anyone? Seriously, why does that need a bag?

It's been a couple of weeks already - he's using up all my baggies and I'm out of shoe boxes!
Can't wait to see how long this phase will last ;)

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Trisha said...

that is hilarious!

Jen said...

I have to laugh at this. My son doesn't use baggies but he has what he calls his "collection." He usually finds some kind of box or something and puts random things in there. So this phase might last a little while longer!

Jessi said...

So funny! I just love seeing what healthy imaginations create.

April said...

Okay, Maribel is doing the exact same thing, today she insisted bringing her bag into the restaurant at lunch, I find a tape measure, spoons, stuff she collected around the house without me knowing and lastly she pulls out a tampon,she said it was a great stick to use for her drums...OH MY WORD, I better start checking the bag before we leave the

Lindy said...

This is Hilarious!!! Good thing I bought him a new "container" for

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