Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bowen turns 9 months old

Nine months!

I know I'm really getting away from the bear pictures BUT he looks so mature here, I can't get over it...and shh, you're getting a sneak peak at our Christmas card photo session site.

So here's what Bowen's up to:
  • his hair is curling up in back (so, so cute)
  • he will stand -on his own- for several seconds at a time.
  • still pulls up on any & every thing.
  • he is getting 3 new top teeth. right. now. as he sleeps
  • he makes a beeline crawling to daddy when he comes home from work.
  • enjoying 3rd foods and snacks - crackers, puffs, bananas, etc.
  • he plays a game where the kids "chase" him and he scrambles up to me laughing so hard!
Love it!
Such a doll.

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Dion said...

Getting big! And it's incredible that Brinley took to writing her name so well.

Jen said...

I think I started following your blog about the time he was born. It's so crazy to see him getting so big so fast!

Trisha said...

gosh it goes by fast. i love that age of babies.

Riherd Family said...

Look at that big boy! Such a cutie-pie!

April said...

He is a cutie pie too..Happy 9 months Bowen!!

Jessi said...

Seriously, 9 months already? Geesh! What a handsome little guy!

Glad to hear he's taken to more/different foods. ;-)

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