Monday, November 9, 2009

Running on empty

Saturday promised to be a busy day, like most. We headed over to the soccer field for a 9am football team photo before our games scheduled for 10am and 12pm, and my family was coming up in time to watch Ben's 2nd game.

So, Bowen falls asleep and I leave the car running despite being low on gas....and we wait and wait. Then I get out to take some pictures and we wait some more and by the time I walk back to the car, Bryce says "don't bother getting in because we're out of gas".


So I grab my wallet and head to the gas station on the corner...
but just then my friend (there for her son's soccer game) pulls up!
Yay, so she takes me to get gas and we make it uptown in time for Ben's football game :)

And, it was the last week of the indulge me a few pictures.

Running! Chasing down the flag...see how little he is?

I like this tough guy look.

We have a little break between games and my family shows up, we get a bite to eat and head back for the final game, then home....

Fast forward a few hours and we're heading to downtown OKC to take my niece out for her birthday. I'm getting on the highway and my car dies!!


Guess how far 2 gallons of gas gets you?


I've only run out of gas one other time in my life and then twice in one day!!
Luckily my sister was following me in her car so we go get more gas (it took 2 trips to get enough to make my car start!) and head on to dinner at Toby Keith's.

The kids thought these "tailgates" were really cool so they hopped on and pretended to be going somewhere until Brinley said "sorry we can't go...we don't have gas"...LOL
I'm never going to live this down!!

But, all's well that ends well...

We returned home for cake & ice cream :)

Hope you had a great birthday, Alicea!

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Katie L said...

What a cool cake! I'm sure 30 years from now your kids will be sitting around at Christmas telling the story of how mom ran out of gas twice! Good times!

Dion said...

Love the gas story. I've ran out before, but not twice in one day - yet.

Trisha said...

Oh my! You've just got too many things going on... who has time to worry about gas? :)

I LOVE that cake. You are so talented.

Allison said...

I don't think I've ever run out of gas! LOL

Did you make the cake? I'm assuming you did. That's awesome. You really should start a business!

Riherd Family said...

I hope I'm not getting Bryce in trouble, but Daniel told me about it yesterday. I kept saying, "Cindi?? There's no way we're talking about the same person." Haha! :)

The cake is simply amazing, by the way.

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