Thursday, April 28, 2011

Legoland Discovery Center

"It is a faintly spiritual activity that everybody connects with " ~James May , lego fan.

I was so excited when I saw Legoland was coming to Texas and immediately picked a weekend for us to go. The kids were counting the days, watching "The Adventures of Clutch Powers" and planning away.
We arrived Friday (Good Friday) right about noon. A holiday, yes, but I knew most schools were in session to make up snow days. All smiles when we arrived at Grapevine Mills Mall...
Oh, how foolishly optimistic I was!
There was a wait...luckily there were Legos a-plenty!
Kids had enough time to build things like this...
Legos are awesome but even they don't make up for a three hour wait!
The natives were restless (um, okay they aren't really natives since they were born in California) but I was not giving up and finally they let us in.

And I got to see Lego Mini Dallas (my favorite part), so cute!

Ya know he had to try it out - tough guy face and all!

Anything made of Legos that you can climb in/on is pretty cool in my book.

Honestly by the time we made it inside the excitement had left the building.
It was smaller than I expected, the kids on the playground (similar to McDonald's) were way too big and the pink Princess room was a huge disappointment. We rode one ride (there are 2 total) and skipped the 4-D movie since there was NO way we were waiting in line again and spent most of our time picking out Legos in the gift shop.

Not a total dud since I had coupons for free kids tickets but my advice:
Go during the week, during the school year - no where near a holiday!

Or just wait until they go out of style ;-)

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Trisha said...

We go next weekend. On a Saturday! Eek!

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