Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chick Fil-A Grandpa

I was out- alone (rare yes but I had a dental appointment) and I stopped in Chick Fil-A for a drink. It was pretty empty except a couple of kids, their mom, and an old man at the counter. He was apparently waiting on french fries without salt. One of the kids was having a serious melt down and the mom was gathering her stuff to leave...we've all been there, right?

Well, this old man mutters to me "I've gotta get out of here...I can't take this".
And then says something about having 2 little kids back to back.
Are we supposed to wait until one is 18 before we have another? and who does he think he's talking to?

So I tell him "I have three".
"Back to back?" he asks.
"pretty much" I say.
That shut him up for a moment.
So I ask "do you have kids?" knowing his kids would be grown by now of course.
He responds "I have grandkids, and they don't act like that" and tells me how life was when he was he was 3 yr old, back in the 1920's, blah, blah.

No disrespect my elders but I usually find older people especially kind and patient around my children (who oddly enough I was really wishing I had with me, haha) not so judgemental.
He was clearly a man who has never taken care of children, his own or his grandkids....which I'm assuming he sees at Christmas, lol.

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--Leann-- said...

Dear Jesus, Please never let me get so senile that I forget what it was like to be a mother with small children. Lord knows that they need all the sympathy and knowing smiles they can get.


April said...

Yes, for the most part back in the 1920's it was the Mother's responsiblity to do it all, and I sure don't think back in those days there was much leaving the house to go out to eat for the kids to misbehave...I hope I am never so old that I forget either, of course I pray I can keep my mouth shut if I come across someone like that when my girls are having a meltdown!!!! UGH...

Mom to the 3rd Power said...

He should visit the drive thru next time.

Melisa said...

I really do think they forget what it was like to have little ones. I'm glad you said something to him!

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