Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back seat drivers

Brinley usually sits behind me in the car, but yesterday we borrowed Daddy's truck while mine was getting detailed (btw- it looks great & I found my keys in between the back seats) and she was on the passenger side where she could see me...

She said "mommy, drive with your hands"
"I am" tell her.
"No" she says "both you hands...for safety".
Okay, I comply but then she catches me a few minutes later with just one hand on the wheel and reminds me.
Ben tells her "you can drive safely whether you use one hand or two".

I swear it was as if Bryce and I were having this conversation...
Bryce being Brinley, me being Ben of course.

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April said...

too funny, they are mini-me's of the both of 2 days to vacation, lucky you!! I can't wait until our beach vacation!!

Jen said...

Ha, ha. Sounds just like my son. He is the worst back seat driver! Although he's a lot like me!

Trisha said...

ha! kids don't miss much, do they?

Alexandra said...

Gotta love all that "help"!

Bryce said...

might want to change that christmas shot sometime.

Dion said...

My 4 year old is really curious about my driving these days, too. She is all the time asking me "Mom, where are your feet? Did you just step on the brakes? What's that clicking sound? etc."

I fear that someday I'm going to walk outside and my car will be gone with her behind the wheel!

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