Thursday, August 13, 2009

Decision Time

We've been struggling for a few weeks trying to decide if Ben should start kindergarten this year or wait another year.

Truth is, with an August due date, we've been having this debate since before he was born! Yet, it has been the toughest decision I've made as a mother.

I know instances where children, usually boys, were sent to kindergarten right after turning 5 only to be held back to repeat a grade later on. I want to avoid this at all costs because it really affects their self esteem.

I assumed he would go since he's had 2 years of preschool and his teachers agree (intellectually) he's ready but this summer I've had a change of heart.

His size is average, at best (more a consideration for sports-minded Daddy, but could also affect his self esteem) and I've watched him with other boys...some who will start school and turn 6 quickly after and others who are closer to his age, turning 5 this summer or soon. He definitely identifies with those closer to his age.

Given his emotional maturity (do I need to remind everyone of the horror of having him pulled out of my car by the principal last year?) we have decided to error on the side of caution and wait until next year...
Let him mature a little and stay at home with mommy (although that may be an oxymoron-lol) before sending him out into the world.
At least this way we have time on our side.

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Trisha said...

I bet a weight has been lifted from your shoulders now that you have made the decision! For me, I can't really see any negatives from letting him sit out a year, only time to grow and mature. WIll he go to a preschool or MDO?

Allison said...

You are the mommy and mommy knows best! :)

Is he going to go to pre-k again?

Jessi said...

I never thought about advantages vs. consequences of sending my BOY off to kindergarten so soon after turning 5 (I just thought that that is what everyone did) until I started talking to mommies who had done it and would decide against it if they could do it over again. UGH, what a much to consider!

Glad to hear you and Bryce were able to come to a decision....I was actually wondering if you'd come to a decision yet.

April said...

I think that is a great decision, the girls birthdays fall in late Sept. and October so I don't have a choice, but I am glad they will start later on, gives them time to be home with Mommy and also with kids so much bigger than them too..

Melisa said...

We held Daven back too. I feel good about it. He was fine intellectually, but I felt he needed more time to adjust emotionally. And I think he'll just adjust better if he is one of the older and bigger kids. I hope it was the right choice... sigh

Brook said...

Great decision - not that he isn't ready but I do have to agree it will give him more time to "mature". I wish there were more parents like you who took time to think about the child and not just send them. I have one coming this year that turns 5 the day school starts - eeks!!! Love yall!

Dion said...

I'm sure the decision wasn't an easy one. I'm confidant you made the right decision for your family!

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