Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gerber Baby

Believe it or not, as big and fat and cuddly as Bowen is, he's never had anything but mommy's milk....until today!!

We had some Gerber rice cereal this morning.

And Brinley was very excited, wanting to help and insisting I take a pic of the two of them.
I guess bibs take some getting used to.

My favorite picture - love the look!

He ate well and in hindsight I probably should have made more because he would have eaten it.
Who was I kidding? of course he can eat!

*Special thanks to Brinley for being mommy's helper*

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Trisha said...

That reminds me of feeding E&E their rice cereal for the first time in the bumbos on the table. Gosh, time goes by fast. He's a cutie!

Allison said...

Brinley looks so grown up there!

And Bowen is still as cute as ever! Still want to see him someday! ha!

And yep, we used to feed Jenna every night in her bumbo on our counter too! Those bumbo's come in handy, don't they?

Jessi said...

Bowen is SO cute (and SO big already)! I just love his chunkiness! Laney weighed 19lbs 2oz at 6 months on just breastmilk alone...sadly, her legs were so chunky that I couldn't fit her in the bumbo when it was time to feed her cereal. LOL!

And I'm with Allison, Brinley looks so grown up...glad you have such an anxious helper.

Jen said...

Ahhh, so cute! Those milestones are so great!

April said...

Look at that sweet baby and Brinley looks like a mini me version of you to me..lol isn't she sweet and what a great helper...

Robertson's said...

He is so cute! They grow up so stinkin fast!

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