Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hillapalooza Tri

We were up and running before dawn this morning, making it out to Lake Arcadia to watch Daddy's triathlon.

So, I think yummy chocolately Hostess Donettes were in order! It was kinda serene being out by the lake...the kids were great (until later in the morning).

We hung out under a shade tree on beach blankets.

Oh, and cheered on this guy....

his first open water swim!
And he only got one scratch and survived the biking...

The reason it's called Hillapalooza, yikes!!
He had a great finish of 28th overall, 4th in his age group.
We're so proud!!

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Dion said...

Woo Hoo! Looks like a fun morning.

When are you going to join him on the triathelon fun? *wink*

Personally, I'd say never.

Jen said...

Another one? Wow! That's great! I've never even run one!

Allison said...

That's great!! Looks like your kids had fun!

Melisa said...

Yeah, Bryce!

Trisha said...

Man, that takes some dedication, doesn't it? Way to go Bryce!

Jessi said...

Bryce is doing SO awesome for just starting out....and an open water swim...YIKES!

YAY for you for supporting your hubby's new sport....I'm with Ben...need.chocolate.donuts! *wink*

Mom to the 3rd Power said...

Yeah, that's pretty cool. Are they sprint tri's? Good for him! Those hills are not so nice.

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