Friday, August 7, 2009

Swim school grad & dropout

I signed the kids up for swim lessons, back to back sessions = 4 weeks of swim lessons (minus a few days for rain). I really, really want my kids to be able to swim...hence, running across town every morning for a month to swim lessons.

Ben has always been cautious around water, it's just his nature.
I thought Brinley was going to be my little water baby. Well, the weekend before swim lessons began she had a scary experience. While in a friend's pool, she stepped off into deep water. (I say "deep", it wasn't to me but it was over her head.) Ben yelled "daddy" and all we saw was her hair floating...that is a horrible sight, in case you're wondering. Of course Daddy jumped in, pulled her out and she was fine.

But obviously traumatized...
because this is her after dropping out of swim lessons the first week.

I still have high hopes for her though, when she's ready.

Ben impressed me by sticking it out the entire 4 weeks!
And no, he won't put his entire head under water but he can put his face in, blow bubbles, and is learning to float.
Overall he is more comfortable in the water, so what more could we ask for?

The last day of class, after the "test" they get to have free play.
Ben (in the red shorts) wouldn't even slide down this last year! and now he's enjoying it.

He loves floating with noodles now.

Good job, Ben!

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Trisha said...

Way to go Ben! Yea for Mommy that the lessons are over. :)

Maybe Brinley won't even remember the incident next summer. Hopefully.

Once again, we have the same little dress but in pruple. :)

Have a good weekend!

Allison said...

YAY Ben!!!

Sorry to hear about Brinley. Glad she's ok though and nothing serious happened!

And that is a cute little dress too! Where did you get that?

Alexandra said...

That is sooo scary! I'm glad Ben had a great time!

Robertson's said...

I hate that for Brinley, but what a good mommy for not forcing her to continue!! I love the new look - I desperately need a blog makeover!

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