Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My new hobby

I've decided to learn to knit in my "spare" time.
I was inspired by Jennifer and her adorable hats. I thought I can crosstitch, sew a little so surely with some patience I can teach myself to Bryce says "blind little old ladies can do it". Let me tell you, it is hard ya'll!
I've yet to have a good cast on with the needles so I switched to the loom and that made me feel better. I had a little hat going but realized I needed to change my stitch to compensate for my thin yarn (resulting in a very thin hat) so I unraveled it.
Then I had a cute scarf going with a chunky braid stitch and noticed I hadn't done a proper cast on, plus I think I'll used a knit board for a scarf so there's not a "back side" to it.
So I'll show you my progress when I actually have a project to show.
If anyone has experience and would like to share, feel free to leave a comment :)

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Alexandra said...

I haven't used a loom for a long time and I don't even remember, so sorry I can't help you with that. I make alot of scarfs and purses but haven't had time for purses in a long time, making a scarf is a lot easier for me and they make great gifts. Good luck!

Allison said...

YAY! I'm taking a knitting class this fall.

You are so talented. I'm sure you'll do great at it. :)

Jessi said...

Does 'spare' time happen when you become a mother of THREE?! LOL! If that's the case, then I can't wait! *wink*

No advice since I'm just sticking with crocheting for now (but I would eventually like to learn the art of knitting).

Can't wait to see your progress...and if you'd like to start with something small, you could always do a newborn hat....I have the perfect newborn in mind who could model it come Thanksgiving. *wink*

Trisha said...

That sounds to complicated! Good luck with it!

Jen said...

My piece of advice. Don't give up! I almost got so frustrated in the beginning that I about threw in the towel! Once you get the hang of it, you won't be able to stop!

A few simple pointers that I discovered...don't cast on too tight. Be sure to get the slip knot correct in the beginning (my first little project start to unravel because I didn't do it correctly). And don't expect a perfect looking item the first time. My first projects are well, a little less than perfect! :)

Melisa said...

I gave up on knitting. Maybe I should try it again...

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