Friday, December 18, 2009

Bowen ~ 10 months

I've decided to bring the bear back!
"hey...long time, no see"
Unfortunately, my attempts to get a picture ended up like this within seconds...

But I managed to get this one :)
Here's what my baby boy is up to:

  • has 6 teeth
  • he "dances", sooo cute.
  • stands steps yet.
  • enjoys bathtime - so long as he's in the big tub by himself.
  • he's on his 2nd round of antibiotics for an ear infection :(
  • still no words - not mama, dada...nothing but "Ga"
  • can be spotted each morning standing up in his crib, favorite blue blanket in hand.
  • has discovered how to open drawers & cabinets...his favorites are the ones filled with dvd's and the one in the kitchen with plastic containers.
  • he is teaching mommy how to play fetch ;)
  • he really like balls...and he's been so good that Santa just might bring him one!

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Allison said...

That last picture is adorable!!!

I can't believe it's already been 10 mos!

Trisha said...

That last picture rocks!

Katie L said...

Oh, that last picture is so cute! I could just eat him up...

April said...

What a cutie pie he is, isn't it hard to believe he will be 1-year old soon..time flies by...he's precious..

Jessi said...

10 months already?! Geesh! Bo is SO cute...I LOVE the last picture!

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