Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree...

Saturday we ventured out to cut down our Christmas tree.
This was a new experience for us (as a family anyway, don't get me started on my & Bryce's first tree!) and I love dragging my family out for fun, no matter how cold it is ;-)

The kids running through lot 2, which I knew was our lucky lot, don't ask why.

We found our tree!

And we let the "worker" cut it down since Daddy was on the phone (just a little down fall of being on call, but at least he was there with us) and I had 3 kids to tend to.
And Lowe's advertises "fresh cut trees" ~ ha, whatever!

And just in case you're wondering...that tree stand is fantabulous!
We've had it since our first Christmas (when we had to invest in a larger stand to accomodate the tree that we're not discussing) but it will make any crooked tree stand straight!

Which was the case with this tree.

And, oh the decorating - our favorite part!!
Brinley, looking for an ornament that dropped.

Ben, driving me nuts because he loves the ornaments, just not on the tree!

Bowen, standing! and checking it out.

Our tree is not elegant.
But every ornament is hand picked, made, or given to us by someone special.
Some people may say a seahorse is a tacky ornament, but to us it's the perfect reminder of our year we lived in Corpus Christi on Seahorse Ave.

Our tree is real, just like us.

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Trisha said...

What a beautiful tree! I love trees that have meaning behind every piece that decorates them.

FYI, the need to play with the ornaments slowly dies down. Kinda. :)

Keeping up with The Jones' said...

Lovely tree!!! IS that the Willowood Angel Navtivity scene on the shelf to the right?? I have been wanting that for forever!!!!

Allison said...

The seahorse is a cute idea!

And our tree is the same way - not fancy and ornaments that have meaning. :)

Lindy said...

I remember that first tree you guys had....It was monstrous!! lol

Jen said...

Beautiful, Cindi! So glad you got a real tree! I keep reading about everyone putting their fake trees up. I love real trees!

Riherd Family said...

It's absolutely perfect!

April said...

I think the tree is beautiful, like you all, we have mostly ornaments given as gifts from years ago, even the first ornament I bought my husband the 1st year we dated.LOL now, they mean so much more, so I love your tree!!! Of course this year, the bottom of our tree is the shatter proof ornaments due to Marissa..haha

Jessi said...

Your tree is beautiful! I've never had a real tree...but I can imagine how much fun it is to go and cut down your own. ;-)

Our tree, too, is decorated mostly with ornaments that have a story behind them...it's so fun to remember the meaning when we pull them out. So, I love the seahorse!

PS. I'm *very* curious about the story behind your and Bryce's first tree. ;-)

Katie L said...

What a beautiful tree!

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