Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

I have so many pictures...but have narrowed it down to a few (ha!) of my faves to share:

~Christmas Eve~
These are the loves of my life.
~Christmas Morning~
This one makes me laugh bc I have no idea what they are ALL finding so interesting.
I love this one bc you see Buzz Lightyear behind Bowen?
Well the grandkids were going berserk, fighting over him just minutes earlier then he was abandoned...
and along comes Bo, snagging the remote looking sneaky.

"Wii, Wii, Wii" - that's the reaction Santa was hoping for!

And this is why kids amaze me...he wanted this helmet for months so I told him to tell Santa. I waited until it went on sale and saved it for Christmas. Then what does he ask Santa for?
A red remote controlled helicopter ...what!?!
Luckily he was still completely excited to see it under the tree :)

This little guy gets more excited over pat-a-cake than any toy.
Apparently, we have a Christmas curse...this makes the 3rd year someone has been sick.
It was Brinley's turn. She woke up not feeling well, opened her presents then went back to bed only to get up, vomit then oddly enough go about her day perfectly fine.

No more borrowing Ben's skates!

And we got some Christmas Eve snow - it was already melting away the next day though.
Little family fact: On each of my children's first Christmas vacations in Texas (not always exactly Christmas Day though) it has snowed!

And I've decided to declare 2009...
the year of the Snuggie!

And this is why we shop, wrap, hide elves each night, and stay up late assembling all kinds of stuff...
The look of pure joy.

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Trisha said...

Such great pictures of happy kids! You guys make one pretty family!

Jen said...

You have a beautiful family! Our kids got a wii, too! But they didn't know what it was so we had to explain it. After a few games, they love it! And so do the adults! :)

Jessi said...

Great pics! I love the one of Bowen with the remote. ;-)

Snuggies...LOL! Love the excitement on your sister's face. Haha.

We also got a Wii...but Randy bought it for me (to help me lose the baby weight--when I'm ready). Really not sure what to think about it...but the kids LOVE to play tennis and boxing.

Dion said...

Trisha is right. You guys are purty!! Haha

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