Thursday, December 17, 2009

My little reindeer

Ben's Christmas program & party were this morning...
and now he's out of school until next year!

Here he is with his teacher - he later confessed to being really nervous because he was the first one to walk in.
My little reindeer, ringing his jingle bells and singing away :)
...not sure what he's looking at though, haha.

And, from the archives, my little reindeer in 2005

My present....
he was so excited that I had to open it in the hallway.
So sweet!

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Allison said...

That 2005 picture is adorable!!

And he looks so big! He looks tall!

Alexandra said...

Such sweet pictures and memories!

Dion said...

The foot/hand picture is precious. So cute.

Jen said...

That's so sweet! Jeremy let the kids pick out Christmas gifts for me and they can hardly wait for me to open them!

And by the way, the kids are really enjoying being back and seeing the grandparents. They do miss their friends and cousins, though, so that's hard. I think once we actually get our own place and settle a bit, it will be better.

Brook said...

My little Ben is growing so big- so cute:)

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