Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Snowtime!

I'm going in reverse, but decided to post snow pics before Christmas...such a rebel, I know ;)

So this is what we came home to - 3 days AFTER the snow storm!
I'm so glad Bryce took time off and we left earlier in the week,
because we would have definitely been stuck!
*thanks for all the shoveling so I could park in the garage, honey*

Not to mention this...

Lots in the back yard too.

And yes, that is snow piled up to Ben's chest!

My snow bunnies :)
With Brinley doing her "thing" - looking away yet forcing a smile, lol.

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Trisha said...

my kids do the same "thing." :)

Jen said...

Did your kids have as much fun playing in it as mine did? I preferred to make the hot chocolate for everyone! Love that last pic of your kids!

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