Monday, August 8, 2011

The Great American Road Trip - Horseback Riding

Here we are, ready to ride.
Cowboys shop at Gap, too.

Now for that view...
I know it looks like a back drop. It's not.
Yes, I will be framing this.

Petting a (once) wild mustang.
This was especially cool because the kids had been watching the movie "Spirit"
about a wild mustang on the trip up.

She's up.
And the smile is on...

Ben isn't too sure about this saddle thing..
Brin is still smiling.

Looking back, still smiling.

Bo chillin'.
I'm pretty sure he's okay simply because he doesn't have to walk.

Happy Trails

She's in heaven.
I seriously think she would have stayed on Peanut for hours.
My resolution:
Get her on a horse more often.
I mean, we do live in Oklahoma after all.
She shouldn't have to go to Montana to ride, although the view is a heckuvalot nicer.

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Pooja Roy said...

i love you to read your post thanks you so very much

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