Monday, August 8, 2011

The Great American Road Trip - Museum of the Rockies

The Museum of the Rockies at MSU
Curator of Paleontology - World Renowned Jack Horner
He has named discovered & named several dinosaurs and was a technical advisor for the Jurassic Park movies.

The kids standing in front of "Big Mike" one of the most complete T. Rex fossils ever found.

Mammoth Skull
I gotta admit, although we came here for the dinosaurs (all found in Montana, btw) the exhibit lacked the pizazz needed to keep the kids interested. Ben & Brinley mostly played with the dinosaur toys & dinosaurs puzzles while Ben enjoyed the planetarium show.
I thought we had completely wasted our money until I spotted this:

Tinsley house, 1889
Living History Museum
Built in Gallatin Valley and relocated here on 10 acres. It is a real, working, historic gem.
Upstairs in the bedroom (once the boys' room) Ben learned how to weave.
And he was having so much fun, he was reluctant to let Brinley try
but finally decided to let her have a turn.
The ladies told him how men used to do most the weaving and were thought to be the best. I overheard him telling a friend about it the other day!
I almost couldn't get them out of here!

Some cotton drying out back.
The ladies had just spun it and dyed it with "ink" from the flowers out front!
In fact, there was food in the "ice box" and the oven was still warm from the food they grew, then prepared earlier that day...the old fashioned way.

Ben discovered the working water pump.

And so did Brin..
but there was 1 rule: don't waste the water!

So they went to work, watering the gardens.
They went back several times to fill up & water.
Bryce and I decided they might have actually made it back in the old days.

Bo found a swing.
He's not into physical labor.

This is my favorite picture...
Mrs. Tinsley's pink "washing machine".

Living History Museum - 5 thumbs up.

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