Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Great American Road Trip -Random Pics

The first night (in Nebraska) we had a cool suite with bunk beds for the kids
It also had a television

Brinley's new interest - brushing her own hair!

Relaxing in the car with beebee.

They practically lived in the blankets once we got to the condo in Big Sky.

My monkey

The rest are scenery...most picniked.

Moose tracks - Ben & I got up early to watch, but we never saw them....just Elk.

The Church in Big Sky

The playground in Big Sky.
Seriously, even the playground is beautiful.

Fishing at the kid pond.
There was a fair & arts festival.
Really neat stuff but I went alone.

Near Casper, Wyoming

Another in Wyoming, taken while going down the highway.

Casper, Wyoming

" The Great American Road Trip 2011"The end.


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