Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Great American Road Trip -Mt. Rushmore/Black Hills

Our next stop:
(btw -don't ever stay here)

But this is what we were there for....
the Awe Inspiring Mt. Rushmore
If it's not on your bucket list, go ahead and pencil it in.
Well, unless you just want to be un-American ;)
Where's Bo?

He wanted to be in Mommy's picture.

Our next adventure was panning for gold.
Ben was begging and we were in the City of Gold, right?
shake it, shake it...

We didn't strike it rich.

Leaving the next day we took the scenic route through Black Hills National Forest.
Going through a tunnel we had one more look back at Rushmore...

We crossed paths with a herd of buffalo (American bison)

We saw a couple head butting each other and another was so close I could have stuck my arm out the window to pet it. Not that I would dare.
Does he look like he wants to be petted?
Their deep bellows were scaring Ben. He was afraid they were going to charge the car.
Next time you see Bowen, ask him what a buffalo sounds like.
He's pretty accurate.


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