Monday, August 8, 2011

The Great American Road Trip -Yellowstone

We spent only 1 day at Yellowstone and chose to explore the lower loop of the park.
Ben did a little rock climbing during our first stop at Firehole Canyon.
shh, daddy had to help him down.

Waterfalls, rivers, forest...seriously, the beauty is everywhere!

Yellowstone, in case you didn't know, has the highest concentration of
active geysers in the entire world!
So, there's more than just Old Faithful here and we made a few stops...

These are called the Fountain Paint Pots because of their color.

Amazingly clear...

some more active than others...
This one is a mud pot or mud volcano.
But we call it "gooey geyser" from an episode of Dora :)
Sulfuric Pools of fun!
Ben instructing Brinley what would happen if she stepped off the walkways.

Here she is!

We take a seat and wait...
for the show.

We spot more buffalo...
And besides our Yellowstone Wildlife animal cookies, this was about all the wildlife we saw :(
Unexpected breathtaking Yellowstone Lake

Upper Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Bo has had about all the fun he can take so he finds a log.
We're pretty tuckered too so we head back to Big Sky,
with vision of geysers dancing in our head.

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Office-Bound Traveler said...

I just love your pictures from this trip! My husband really wants to do a road trip to this part of the country and your pictures and words have insiried me to start planning it.

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